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Zach Evans Talks Recruitment Process And When A Decision Could Come


There has been a lot of speculation concerning the recruitment of Zach Evans; it seems like a never-ending tale of a where’s waldo at times. Obviously, with the multiple scenarios that have been put out over the past month, anything is possible when it comes to the final destination of the young man.


Most recently, Evans visited the University of Tennessee for an official visit, thanks in part to Vols assistant coach Brian Niedermeyer. The Monday following his official visit to Knoxville, the Tennessee coaching staff flew down to Houston, hoping to meet with the Evans’ family after stopping by North Shore High School to visit with coaches and get a look at future prospects. That visit never happened. They tried, but it just didn’t come to fruition.


This weekend, Evans didn’t take an official visit, opting instead to head to Nashville, to visit with friends and get a bit of training. But, a few schools were still looking for an opportunity to visit with the talented running back. Ole Miss flew into town on Friday night to pitch Evans. Time will tell what Tennessee decides to do.


Above all, multiple schools are still in the race for Evans, which at this time sounds like it will not end soon.


Zach Evans agreed to speak with me on Sunday night. He answered a few questions regarding his recruitment and this whole process for him.


 Do you feel any pressure to get this done by Wednesday?
“No, I don’t feel any pressure to sign Wednesday. I have another official visit that I want to take, and because of the new rule, I have to wait until March to take it.”


Is it in your heart to play College Football next season?
“Yes, I definitely want to and will be playing this coming season.”


Do you feel you have to reserve your spot right now?

“I don’t. The schools I’m talking to all know what my timeline is. I don’t want to rush my decision. It’s important for me to make the right decision.”


What is your mindset right now concerning recruitment. What schools do you think would take you?
“There are a lot of teams that would take me. There are a lot of schools that reach out to me that haven’t been recruiting me and want to start. A bunch of schools have reached out about me taking my last official with them. I’m just trying to keep it all in perspective and make the right decision.”


How has this process been on you mentally?
“It’s been tough. The programs that have been recruiting me are really good ones. They say a lot of the same things. They have a lot to offer. When my granddad died, things got tougher for me, and I’ve struggled with not having him here to help me through this process.”


Do you feel that you’ve got a good relationship with Tennessee & OM coaches?
“I have a good relationship with both coaching staffs. Tennessee got into my recruitment a little but later than some schools. I like Coach Pruitt; he’s easy to relate to. Coach Chaney is a great Coach and learn a lot every time I talk to him. I’ve been knowing Coach Graham for a long time. I like Ole Miss coaches a lot. Coach Smith is easy to relate to. He’s coached a lot of Big time backs. Coach Kiffin is a genius on offense and understands how to get the ball in the playmaker’s hands. I really like the coaches at both those schools.”


When are you hoping to end this?
“I want to take my final official as soon as I can. After that, I will weigh my options and make a good decision. I don’t want to set a specific date and put a lot of pressure on myself. I’ve learned from doing that before.”


Evans has some decisions to make. He can easily sign financial aid agreements, but this still will not technically tie him to the school. Honestly, until Evans shows up on a campus and enrolls in classes, this thing will carry on.


In conclusion, you can tell from his answers, this process is going to take some more time. How much time? Well, that’s up to Evans.

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