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Why Fire Jimmy Brumbaugh Before Other Assistant Coaches?

Jimmy Brumbaugh

Earlier this week it was announced Jim Brumbaugh was fired by Tennessee after just four games. It was odd timing considering the defensive line isn’t the worst position group on the team. In fact, you could argue the offensive line looks the worst in terms of living up to expectations.

So, why does Will Friend still have a job?

Furthermore, you could look at the quarterback position group and ask the same question. Why does Chris Weinke still have a job?

With all due to respect to Weinke, he’s just not getting the job done. Jarrett Guarantano looks worse than he did his freshman season. But, not to just rip JG, none of the quarterbacks on the roster look good.

It’s too early to say anything negative about Harrison Bailey, but the rest haven’t developed well.

Weinke signed a two-year deal worth $350,000 and is one of the highest-paid coaches in the nation for his position. That’s one of the most frustrating parts of this situation. These coaches make millions of dollars, yet everyone can see there is no development going on over there for some positions.

Guarantano as a 5th year season still doesn’t know how to properly step up in the pocket. He struggles with reading zone defense. And, still makes freshman mistakes.

Now moving on to Jeremy Pruitt’s literal best friend, Will Friend. Friend is the highest-paid offensive line coach in the country making $800,000.

Before anyone brings up excuses, there isn’t any. The offensive line is overrated. The young 5-stars haven’t developed.

Last season Friend had some excuses but now it’s just comical that Friend is playing the university for their money.

Both of these coaching positions go hand and hand, you can’t have good quarterback play without good offensive line play. At times when the offensive line does protect and do their job, the QB position is still stinking. Understandably you can’t fire both guys mid-season but the conversation has to start happening of replacing these guys. It’s highway robbery that these two guys are basically stealing from the university at the expense of the Vols losing.

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