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Who Is Jack Mac From Barstool and Why Is He So Upset?




It’s true that Barstool Sports has many talented bloggers and also many talented people that run their social media accounts.


Jack McGuire is coworkers with those people.


He works for Barstool Sports running their social media yet only gets 70 likes per tweet.


Which is almost as ironic as his favorite football team being the same as the type of girls he likes, huskies.


That’s right, Jack Mac is UCONN’s 34th most relevant fan.


More irony. He looks like the words “Civil Conflict” took human form.


But Jack, along with many other college football fans, was upset with the recent success for Tennessee on the recruiting trail.


I assume he is just jealous because he is stuck getting excited about recruits putting UCONN in their top 10.


A top 10 that consists of Middle Tennessee State, Western Kentucky, Bowling Green, Rutgers, Illinois, Toledo, Kent State, Appalachian State, and Florida Atlantic.


If those are the teams Tennessee were battling for these recruits I’d be confident.


Jack Mac

Jack Macs tweet has 18 words in it. UCONN football has 15 wins since 2015


Honestly, the people who find Jack Mac funny are the same people that go to UCONN sporting events.


No one.


I don’t know if being a UCONN fan is the only thing that Jack Mac is salty about.


Perhaps he is mad about the fact that even though he works for one of the fastest-growing media brands, he will never live up to his last name.


Jerry and Lizzy McGuire set the bar a little too high.


Jack Mac

Dad jokes are just as cool as UCONN football. Though dad jokes don’t loose an average 8.4 games over the last decade.


There is a strong case that it is because the only insult he can think of is older than the dads who usually tell it.


And even then, when dads tell the joke they have timing. Jack Mac’s timing couldn’t be more inappropriate with the ongoing pandemic.


Shaking my head.


Jack Mac

We are indeed a radio station, Jim.


It’s either that or, maybe. Just maybe.


It could be the fact that he does not know the definition of “faceless.”


Merriam-Webster’s definition for faceless is, “lacking a face.”


Jack Mac or, Jim, defines it as someone funnier than him.


The other definitions of faceless are, “lacking character or individuality” and “not identified.”


I think Jack falls into both definitions.


Being one of the multiple people who help run Barstool’s social media Jack Mac has to conform to a similar sense of humor as the others and post from an account he would consider faceless.


Not only that but he produces a college football podcast and remains behind the scenes most times.


He is overshadowed constantly by his coworkers while he remains doing work people don’t see.


The stuff that goes unnoticed. The work that goes faceless.


Maybe that is why he is lashing out like a little brother who desperately needs the attention of his parents.


It’s not because Jack Mac hates the Vols, he’s actually said the opposite.


It’s because he has become the Obi-Wan Kenobi meme.


He’s the thing he hates.


He’s faceless.


Do better barstool.

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