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Whatever: Vanderbilt 35, Tennessee 17, 6:55 4Q

I’m at dinner right now but the people love these so we writing it on an iPhone watching other games. When I was seven years old, I watched my first Tennessee football game. They lost to Kansas State, 35-21. It was cold. It was miserable. Today was neither – the weather was really good for late November and the sky cooperated as well. It set up for a nice setting to send off people who dug through four years of sewers, commodes, and coaches to get to the other side.

They were rewarded with the worst coach, officially, in Tennessee history. Also, they’re the worst team in Tennessee history. Whatever. I imagine the vast majority of fans reading this right now don’t care. Heck, I went to a bar and intently watched the Iron Bowl while occasionally looking at the five other screens with the worst SEC teams out there on them. Whatever.

There isn’t much left to say in these because the program has said it all. If Tennessee settles for another garbage fire coach, we’ve all got free time on Saturdays we didn’t have previously. I look forward to committing all of my time and energy to Michigan football – my dad’s school, and a program that actually came out with a game plan today – if so.

My grandfather’s gonna be 77 in January. (Sorry Pa – didn’t mean to put you on blast here, I’ll take it down later.) Either fix this or send me the next four years of Yankees schedules so I can take him around the US watching a team with an actual future.

Hire the big fish.

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