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What You Need To Know From Jeremy Pruitt’s First SEC Media Day Presser

Missed the SEC Media Day presser?

Don’t worry, I took out all the fluff and condensed it down to just the important stuff.

This morning we saw a refined and polished version of Jeremy Pruitt as he spoke at his first ever SEC Media Day.

Here is what he said:

-Pruitt took this time behind the microphone and in front of the cameras to sell the program to the rest of the country and the SEC. Pruitt touted his staff and their accomplishments as well as their new facilities. Pruitt then went on to talk about the multiple benefits of having Phillip Fulmer as his athletic director. Pruitt went on to say, “The good part for me is if I have questions, I have a guy I can walk 30 feet down the hall and lean on him. I think he’s going to expedite this process to help us get to be a championship program again.”

-Pruitt boasted about the development of senior defensive end Kyle Phillips saying, “When I got there, Kyle was probably 260 pounds, and he’s worked really hard. I think he’s between 275 and 280 pounds. He signed at Tennessee to be a 4-3 defensive end and probably based off the skill set, we’ve added some weight to him. And the guy has done everything that we’ve asked him to do.”

-When asked about some comments questioning if Pruitt had the right personality to be a head coach made by former Georgia QB Aaron Murray yesterday, Pruitt responded “15 years ago, I was a kindergarten teacher. Now, I’m the head coach at Tennessee. You probably don’t make that ascension without knowing how to treat people.”

-Pruitt announced that Freshmen All-American OL Trey Smith is healthy and will be back for fall camp

-Pruitt shared an anecdote from earlier this year where he said TE Eli Wolf looked like an athletic trainer to him and that he needed to put on some weight. Pruitt continued by saying when he first accepted the job Eli Wolf probably couldn’t even block him. He went on to state that Eli Wolf put on 20 lbs and was the most improved player in the spring.

-Pruitt confirmed that 4 star LB JJ Peterson will be on the roster this fall.

-When asked about the quarterback position Pruitt said that they will give all four guys a chance to compete for the starting job.

-Pruitt touched up a bit on his controversial comments about the Orange & White Game saying, “Well, I think the last time I checked, somebody was keeping numbers on how many fans were at the spring game, right? Well, our goal at Tennessee is to be the very best at everything we do. We have phenomenal fans, phenomenal.”

-Pruitt talked a lot about the culture at Tennessee and how he wanted to develop a team that Tennessee fans could be proud of regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard.

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