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What We Should Learn From Julian Edelman And DeSean Jackson

By now, I am sure everyone knows the stupid shit DeSean Jackson posted to his Instagram on Monday.

In case you don’t, a brief way of describing it would be a fabricated Adolf Hitler quote and other anti-Semitic writings.

Part of the quote read “the Jews will blackmail America, the (sic) will extort America, their plan for World Domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.” With the racial tensions in this country being as high and fragile as they are, this was obviously not a smart move on the part of Jackson. Especially not with antisemitism being on the rise as of late from political leaders of this and other countries.

I am not here to deep-dive that. Everyone is going to have their own on opinion on the matter regardless of what I say. Personally, I think Jackson acted like a jackass and forgot how to use his brain.

I want to discuss how Julian Edelman handled this situation.

I cannot praise Edelman enough for his reaction and response.

“Cancel Culture” has very much risen to power at the present time. Edelman very easily could have attempted to jump on that train to have Jackson “cancelled.”

Instead, Edelman took the high road and decided to act like a civil individual with an emotional maturity greater than that of an orange. Edelman tweeted a video to his twitter responding to Jackson.

Edelman remained calmed. He stated how the comments made him feel. Edelman gave Jackson the benefit of the doubt and didn’t just attack him and his character.

He was reasonable and respectful. If we reacted to more things that happen that happen the way Edelman reacted to this we could get a lot more done in this country.

Instead, we have decided to take the path of acting like a bunch of blubbering children with the emotional range of tea spoon. When the initial reaction to someone who disagrees with us is “cancel them and call them names,” that’s when we know we have gotten to a  bad spot.

We should all take notes from Edelman.

As stated in the video and what can be garnered from this tweet, the two are planning to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum and The Museum of African American History and Culture.


They realize they both probably have room to learn and grow. Maybe if everything wasn’t always a right or wrong issue we could better educate ourselves and society could be a much better place.

Kudos to these two in their journey to trying to be better individuals.

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