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OPINION: What Can We Expect Out Of The Vols The Rest Of The Season


The Tennessee Vols Football Program this season has majorly undercut our expectations and led to a disappointing season as of yet. Here is what we know.

What has Happened

While the Tennessee Vols are 2-3, and people are already calling for the firing of Jeremy Pruitt, which in my opinion, is an extreme overreaction. Should we be 2-3? No, of course not.

We are Tennessee; we are having a crazy spike in recruiting and have a quarterback room that so much potential we literally do not know what to do with it.

What Needs to Happen

This is a spook year, we are only playing SEC games, and it is a free year of eligibility. Which, from my point-of-view, means that we can play whoever we want with no penalty for the future years of our program. The glaring question and what is making our fanbase the most frustrated is our quarterback situation.

Is Jarrett Guarantano “The Guy?” No, probably not. He may shock us, but it is doubtful.

He is a 5th-year senior who has played decent. But, this is Tennessee. We don’t want a “decent” team; we want to win.

We have a community that is dependent on that winning tradition. Given the fact that this is a free year. Why not try out some other options? I don’t even care which other quarterback we roll out there; I think everyone can agree with me when I say this; I just want to see someone else get a chance.

Also, giving JT Shrout one pass is not a chance, letting Harrison Bailey throw four short passes is not a chance, and letting Brain Maurer throw one pass for one yard is also not a chance when it is compared to the YEARS of chances that Guarantano has had with our program.

And I hear, and I understand the opposing argument saying that we don’t want to play all of our options right now because they may get hurt. But, our offensive line allowed ZERO sacks and only one quarterback hurry against Alabama. If we had a free year with this offensive line (and we do), this is the year to test some people out in real game situations.

What we can Expect

The Tennessee Vols are unfortunately 2-3; it is time to start removing the Orange Shades that we all proudly wear; we lost to Kentucky, it’s time to take them off. We can be great, but we are not good. We can expect to go 2-3 through the last 5 games this season. If we do better than that, then I will happily be wrong about that. But, this is where we are as a program as of right now.

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