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Watch A Huge Buck Nearly Destroy This Biker

Nature, you scary.

In a week that’s already brought the internet videos of sea lions snatching little girls into the ocean and big game hunters being squashed by an elephant they just shot, Mother Nature and her beautiful creatures just keep bringing on the terror to humanity.

Here, we venture out to the countryside as we watch a convoy of motorcyclists head down the highway, enjoying a lovely, peaceful da- AND OH MY GOD THAT BUCK NEARLY TOOK OFF THAT GUY’S HEAD.

Just imagine being that biker for a second. You’re out riding with your other biker pals during what I assume was the weekend and all of the sudden you are almost instantly killed by Bambi. Your first reaction would be to lose control of your bike too, immediately followed by your entire life quickly flashing before your eyes.

But shout out to the buck’s natural athleticism kicking in as he hopped over the motorcycle, very gracefully I might add! Very smooth form. I’m not an expert on track & field or anything, but I am going to crown this buck the Carl Lewis of Deer. Except, instead of doing long jumps for Olympic gold, this buck is doing jumps to avoid becoming road kill as he tries to cross the road to find some nice berries or acorns to snack on.

Of course, when a deer runs out into the road, a lot of the time it does not end with both parties ending up (mostly) alright. So this is a good clip all-around: the buck is alive, the rider is alive but a little shaken and his bike wasn’t badly damaged. Although, I can’t say the same for the…suit? Does anybody know why all of these guys are dressed pretty formal while riding bikes? That’s what really needs to be answered here.


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