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Watch These Florida Students Dance In Embarrassing Fashion

On Saturday, the Florida Gators took on the Alabama Crimson Tide in Gainesville.

Florida looked like they couldn’t care less that they were playing a basketball game. I think some of the players wanted to join in on the dancing fun (mentioned later). In a game where Florida should have taken care of business, they looked flat as Alabama handed the Gators their worst home loss of the year, 68-50.

That wasn’t the only loss the Gators took on Saturday, however. All of Gator Country should be ashamed of the timeout performance their student section delivered.

One of the hardest things to do at a game is to get the crowd on the same page when it comes to yelling a chant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just stopped yelling at a Tennessee game because “orange” and “white” would end up being yelled at the same time.

That doesn’t compare to what the Florida students gave us. Take a look for yourself. WARNING: IT IS HARD TO WATCH, BUT STILL FUNNY.

It reminded me of when little five-year-old girls are learning to cheer for the first time. Although they would be off-sequence, it would still be cute. What Florida fans gave us was just dumb. I’m willing to bet the little five-year-old cheerleaders are much better.

I’ve watched this video like 1,000 times already. At one point the camera moves to the left, and there is one fan wearing white shorts and a long sleeve shirt. This kid loves his own dance moves, but the guy sitting behind him has no interest in this horrible dance, so at least there are two reasonable Florida fans.

Tennessee fans, we are begging you. Please, please, please never do anything like this. We are better than Florida.

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