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WATCH: Chick-fil-A Manager Sends Rescue Boat To Elderly Couple’s Flooded Home

Spencer Family

Ask any fast food connoisseur which establishment has the best and friendliest customer service in the game, and it’s a safe bet that the majority will respond with Chick-fil-A.

With the employees locked and loaded with smiling faces, positive attitudes and an endless supply of “my pleasure!”, the chain has become known for the presentation of its workers almost as much as they are known for their famous chicken sandwiches.

But what one Chick-fil-A manager in north Houston did on Monday for an elderly couple whose house suddenly became flooded due to massive rainfall in the wake of Hurricane Harvey goes above and beyond the typical Chick-fil-A code of conduct.

From Grub Street: 

Fortuitously for the Spencers, who say they’re “regulars” at that location, the manager on the other end was the owner of a boat, and she sent her husband to retrieve them. The vessel was sort of small, though — the Spencers tell Good Morning America they were busy plotting how to cram as many of their possessions aboard as possible when, it so happens, two totally unrelated “Jet Ski heroes” arrived out of the blue and offered to transport them, freeing up space on the Chick-fil-A manager’s boat.

In the end, J.C. admits he fled without his wallet or wedding ring, although he’s since gone back to the house and found both of those items, too. The Spencers’ lucky streak is really something to behold — just think what would’ve happened if their home had flooded the day before, on Sunday.

In tragic situations like the one that Houston and the surrounding area is currently going through, it is often that the best in humanity is brought out and this is another reminder of that. The manager of the Chick-fil-A found out that people she sees and serves regularly were in a desperate predicament and went out of her way to send resources to help them. Not because it was her job, but because she was just a good person doing a good thing.

If this doesn’t put Chick-fil-A at or near the top of your fast food power rankings, you need to seriously reevaluate a few things. Not only will these guys give you fast service with a great attitude, they may even save your life one day.

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