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Can Continuity Propel Vols To The NCAA Tournament?



Tennessee Basketball sits at 11-6 (3-2 SEC) overall, which is impressive considering the Vols have just now gained a continuity.


Relatively, Tennessee’s record should be labeled as 1-1, because that continuity has only existed for two games.


The source of continuity is attributed to the January additions of Santiago Vescovi and Uros Plavsic.


Facing the back half of their schedule,  the Vols finally have roster stability.


Now, what does that look like?


With stability, Tennessee can focus solely on progressing.


The bad news is that time is of the essence; progressing quickly is critical.


The Vols have fourteen games left in the regular season, and virtually all postseason outcomes are on the table.


Whether it’s the NCAA Tournament, NIT, or no postseason at all.


This brings us to the ultimate question – can Tennessee make up for lost time?


The short answer is, yes, the Vols are fully capable of turning it around.


However, there is a short window of time, and the margin for error being nonexistent.


Let’s take a look and see how slippery a slope it really is.




With fourteen games remaining, Tennessee will need to win at least eight to have a shot.


What are Tennessee’s chances of achieving that?


Well, the Vols need to beat the teams they should beat down the stretch.


On this assumption, their postseason hopes will hinge on winning two (or more) of the following:


  • @ #3 Kansas
  • vs #15 Kentucky
  • vs Arkansas
  • @ #16 Auburn
  • @ Arkansas
  • vs Florida
  • @ #15 Kentucky
  • vs #16 Auburn

These are obviously the Vols toughest remaining opponents.


However, the list does feature four home games, so winning two is doable.


Which two give Tennessee the best chances?

  1. vs Arkansas
  2. vs Florida

If the Vols can win those two, it will set them up to finish 19-12 overall.


Add in a win or two in the SEC Tournament, and Tennessee should earn a play-in game.

Back to the earlier assumption, the Vols have to take care of business against lesser opponents.


A perfect example of this being tonight’s game versus Ole Miss.


It’s a necessity that the Vols also find a way to win their remaining 50/50 games.


In the end, throw in a few more wins in this scenario, and a bid can be solidified.


Throw in a few unexpected losses, and the Vols will be NIT-bound or worse.


Where the Vols ultimately land is anyone’s guess.


It’s been a season of attrition and turnover for Tennessee, but this squad can rise to the occasion.


No matter which way you slice it, 2019-20 Tennessee Basketball controls their own destiny.

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