Vols Drop 4 Spots in Latest AP Poll After Disappointing Loss to Georgia

For the second time this season the Tennessee Volunteers have dropped in the AP Poll. Going into the weekend the Vols were looking to pick up a huge win and move into the top 10. We now know Tennessee is further away from that than we originally thought. Nonetheless, the Vols are still ranked, and they didn’t fall all that much either. 

Tennessee will play host to Kentucky this weekend, ranked 18th in the AP Poll. Considering how disappointing the loss to Georgia was, only falling four spots doesn’t seem so bad. Should the Vols take care of their business this weekend, they’ll likely find themselves in the same position they were before playing Georgia. Win this weekend, and then they will have another chance to jump into the top 10 with Bama lurking next.

Tennessee might not be a top 10, playoff contending team just yet. But, if they win the games they’re supposed to and can pull off an upset somewhere along the way, they will definitely start to regain some of the national recognition we all long for. 

It’s been a long time since Tennessee was ranked in the top 10. The next two weeks will show us everything we need to know about this team. The top 10 is there and waiting for the Vols. Now it’s time to go and take it!