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Vol Twitter: Preseason Predictions

We are less than a month away from the start of College Football, so why not throw out some predictions to kick off the season! Here are some of Vol Twitter’s game-by-game and other bold predictions for the upcoming season.

Game-by-Game Predictions


West Virginia (L) – Playing the 3-4 for the first time vs an experienced QB will prove to be a challenge. 14-31 (0-1)

East TN State (W) – First win the CJP era. 34-13 (1-1)

UTEP (W) – Vols benefit from excellent early season scheduling. 31-7 (2-1)

Florida (W) – In the first sign that the Butch Jones era is over, Vols win over Gators set Knoxville into a frenzy. 24-20 (3-1)

Georgia (L) – On the road against arguably the best in the SEC. Tough loss,  but growth showing. 13-27 (3-2)

Auburn (L) – Back to back road games and back to back losses. Competitive but not enough. 21-31 (3-3)

Alabama (L) – Vols will get there, but not this year. Tide too much in this one. 17-34 (3-4)

South Carolina (W) – Road SEC wins are tough to come by and this one is no different. A special win for the Vols. 28-27 (4-4)

Charlotte  (W) – Win going away. 44-7 (5-4)

Kentucky (W) – One thing that will endear Vol nation to this coaching staff – wins over the usual suspects. 34-27 (6-4)

Missouri (W) – Vols will not stub their toes to any team with a Dooley on the sideline. 27-21 (7-4)

Vanderbilt (W) – Closing out the season with 5 straight wins will have the fan base singing Rocky Top and help seal up a solid recruiting class. 27-14 (8-4)

Bowl Game: Music City

Bring on the ridicule!


UT v. WVU (9/1/18):

WVU wins. They have no defense so it’s going to stay ridiculously close the entire game. The fans will get their hopes up by only trailing a touchdown for the majority of the game, but will overall be defeated within the last 5 minutes of the game. Grier is going to throw for about 500 and WVU is likely score 5+ touchdowns. They win by 7, possibly 9.

UT v. ETSU (9/8/18):

UT wins. It’s the first home game and Neyland is going to be lit because of the new coaching staff. UT wins by 17 because ETSU can’t keep up or play in an environment like Neyland. Easy win.

UT v. UTEP (9/15/19):

UT wins. This game will be closer than fans would like. Its a noon game and everyone will expect the win, including the staff. UT wins by 9, maybe 7 if they are really unlucky.

UT v. Florida (9/22/18):

UT wins. This won’t be an easy game by any means. Neyland will be rocking, though. The first half is going to be good competition, but Vols will look like the clear favorite. 3rd is going to wreck. Florida will get the best of the defense and the fans are going to start letting it sink in that Pruitt might actually lose to Florida at home in year one. Vols pull it out though to secure the win in the 4th. UT wins by 3.

UT v. Georgia (9/29/18):

UGA wins. There won’t be much competition in this game. I mean, they aren’t getting blown out by 40, but they also aren’t staying within a touchdown. Vols will be lucky if they only lose by 14.

UT v. Auburn (10/13/18)

Auburn wins. While, the bi couldn’t come at a better time, its not going to help as much as it needs for Vols to win this. They are going to be exhausted still coming off Florida and playing UGA in Athens. Vols will stay close and Auburn won’t completely over power them, but overall, they lose by 9.

UT v. Alabama (10/20/18)

Bama wins. We all know how much pressure is on this game especially it being in Neyland. Regardless, Vols just don’t have enough yet to compete with Alabama. Pruitt defense won’t be completely blown out, but Alabama wins by at least 17.

UT v. South Carolina (10/27/18)

UT wins. This is going to be the first heart attack game of the season for fans. It’s going to be too close and we will all still feel the pain from the absolutely stupid loss in Neyland last season. UT somehow pulls this win out by 3.

UT v. Charlotte (11/3/18)

UT wins. Team finds its groove and there’s no competition. They won’t blow them out entirely because they won’t need to give their all for a win, but the game will still seem like a breeze. UT wins by 14.

UT v. Kentucky (11/10/18)

UT wins. Vols are going to be out for revenge after last season. No way they allow Kensucky to come into Neyland and get a W. They secure a win by 14 +

UT v. Missouri (11/17/18)

Mizzou wins. It’s going to be a game the Vols for sure could win but they are going to be burnt out and no way they win all 4 SEC games from USC to the end of the season, so personally, I feel like this one is the “best” one to lose. Mizzou gets them by 7.

UT v. Vanderbilt (11/24/18)

UT wins. Pruitt will be a true Vol and won’t allow the disgrace of losing to Vandy. Vandy will be exposed as the trash they are and UT fans will run Nashville (Neyland pt. 2) per usual and all will be right in the rivalry. UT by 17.


vs West Virginia – W 27-24
vs ETSU – W 49-0
vs UTEP – W 42-14
vs Florida – W 21-20
at Georgia – L 17-35
at Auburn – L 24-31
vs Alabama – L 17-37
at South Carolina – W 24-23
vs Charlotte – W 56-7
vs Kentucky – W 27-21
vs Missouri – W 31-Lol Dooley
at Vanderbilt – W 35-24


WVU Loss
UF Win
UGA Loss
Auburn Loss
Bama Loss
SC Loss
UK Win
Mizz Win
Vandy Win


West Virginia 38, Vols 17, loss

Vols 31, ETSU 17, win
Vols 28, UTEP 24, win
Florida 21, Vols 13, loss
Georgia 42, Vols 20, loss
Auburn 37, Vols 19, loss
Alabama 33, Vols 13, loss
South Carolina 24, Vols 16, loss
Vols 31, Charlotte 10, win
Vols 23, KY 21, win
Missouri 31, Vols 20 loss
Vols 20, Vandy 17, win
Final Record (5-7, 2-6 SEC)


West Virginia – loss
East Tn state – win
UTEP – win
Florida – win
Georgia – loss
Auburn – loss
Alabama – loss
South Carolina – win
Charlotte – win
Kentucky – win
Missouri – loss
Vandy – win

7-5 plus a bow win. 8-5 total



Florida = W
Georgia = L
Auburn = L
Alabama = L
South Carolina = W
Charlotte = W
Kentucky = W
Missouri = W
Vanderbilt = W
Go 9-3 regular season, go to a bowl game and finish 9-4.


WVU: 34-13 loss
ETSU: 28-3 win
UTEP: 35-7 win
Fuck Florida: 17-10 win
Georgia: 35-14 loss
Auburn: 42-10 loss
Alabama: may God have mercy loss
USCjr: 28-21 loss
Charlotte: 24-10 win
UK: 41-20 win
Mizzou: 28-24 win
Vandy: 24-13 win
Holy shit that’s seven. Welp!


Florida – W
Auburn – L
Alabama – L
SC – W
Charlotte – W
UK – W
Missouri – W
Vandy – W

I’m an idiot,


I have mixed emotions about the upcoming season. The 2017 season was the first time I haven’t attended a game in Neyland Stadium since I was five years old. Butch Jones took the most exciting and fun time of my year and destroyed it.

It’s hard to be optimistic about the upcoming season based on what I saw at the end of the 2016 season and through this past season, but here is my prediction.

Vols – 24     WVU – 34
Vols – 42     ETSU – 17
Vols – 28     UTEP – 21
Vols – 20      UF – 28
Vols – 17      UGA – 38
Vols – 27      Auburn – 34
Vols – 10       Bama – 42
Vols – 34       USC – 31
Vols – 52       Charolette – 24
Vols – 28        UK – 17
Vols – 34        Mizzou – 41
Vols – 24        Vandy – 17

Final record 6-6 with a Belk Bowl bid to play a shitty ACC team. JG remains the starter throughout the year. Top 15 recruiting class keeps us interested for 2019. Lord help coach JP & Staff it’s going to be a rollercoaster.



WVU 38-17 L
ETSU 40-14 W
UTEP 34- 13 W
UF 24-20 L
UGA 38-13 L
Auburn 30-17 L
Alabama 44-10 L
SC 27-24 L
Charlotte 40-17 W
UK 31-28 W
Missouri 35-26 L
Vandy 28-21 W



WVU.   L
Florida. W
Georgia. L
Auburn. L
Alabama. L
South Carolina. L
Charlotte. W
Kentucky. W
Mizzou. W
Vanderbilt. W


WVU – Win
ETSU – Win
UTEP – Win
Florida – Win
Georgia – Loss
Auburn – Loss
Alabama – Loss
USC jr – Win
Charlotte – Win
UK – Win
Mizzou – Win
Vandy – Win9-3. Plus win the bowl game.


West Virginia – W (UT usually shows up for no conference openers)

Florida – W
Georgia – L
Auburn – L
Alabama – L
South Carolina – L
Charlotte – W
Kentucky – W
Mizzou – L
Vandy – L
Yeah so I’ve heard the team isn’t worth a flip and that Pruitt said there are only 2 players that would even be second string at Bama. So 6-6 is my super ambitious projection


West Virginia 30 Vols 21- close game till 4th quarter

Tennessee 52 ESTU 3

Tennessee 48 Utep 9

Tennessee 24 Florida 23- Cimaglia kicks gw fg from 45+

Georgia 37 Vols 17 – Vols keep it within two scores but never really have any chance

Vols 19 Auburn 17 – Stidham goes down with an injury Vols win an ugly one.

Alabama 27 Vols 7 – Bama dominates entire game but doesn’t quite ever put the foot on the gas

South Carolina 20 Vols 16 – Will Muschump gets one of his final victories over UT for a while

Tennessee 52 Charlotte 0

Tennessee 35 Kentucky 19- Kentucky thinks they finally broke through with their W last year, everyone laughs.

Mizzou 33 Vols 26 – Missouri’s offense outlasts Tennessee in somewhat of a shootout. Dooley finally experiences what it’s like to win a collegiate football game in Neyland

Tennessee 28 Vanderbilt 17 – Tennessee beats Vandy and Kentucky again. Everything makes sense again. Life is good.

Vols finish 7-5 (4-4)



WV- 49-35 L

ETSU- 45-7 W
UTEP- 41-14 W
UF- 17-14 L
UGA- 38- 17 L
AUB- 27-20 L
BAMA- 44-20 L
SC- 20-17 W
CHAR- 56-7 W
UK- 35-31 W
MIZ- 34-31 L
VAN- 27-17 W
Keller Chryst starting QB game 1.
Darrin Kirkland misses at least half the season because of injury.
Ty Chandler- All SEC and team MVP


WVU: Loss
Florida: Win
Georgia: Loss
Auburn: Loss
Alabama: Win
South Carolina: Loss
Charlotte: Win
Kentucky: Loss
Missouri: Win
Vanderbilt: WinRecord: 7-5
Ty Chandler – 1,000+ Rushing Yds
Jauan Jennings – 100+ receiving YPG
Go Vols!

Random Fan Predictions


1. Alabama doesn’t make SEC championship game nor playoffs.

2.) Tennessee will finish 2nd in SEC East.
3.) Pruitt will be SEC coach of the year.


1. Tennessee RB’s combine for at least 20 TDs.
2. Dominick Wood-Anderson earns All-SEC accolades.
3. Mississippi State beats Alabama


1. There will be 0 SEC coaches fired after this season, but those on the hot seat will still have below average to poor seasons (Orgeron, Mason, Odom, Stoops). LSU won’t have the money to fire Orgeron and hire a big name guy, and the other three schools will keep their current coaches because they know they can’t get anybody better.
2. Alabama and Georgia will meet in the SEC championship game, but BOTH teams will go into the game with two losses.
2a. Ohio State loses only one game again this year, but still finds a way not to make it in, because that would be hilarious.
3. UT will have a 1,000 yard receiver, and two backs with over 700 all-purpose yards. But we only go 6-6. Our defense won’t be very good due to the transition to the 3-4.

Joe Havens

Georgia and Kirby Smart will not be back in Atlanta—By Mid-Season Fla will be running a complex version of the wild gator due to poor QB play—Tenn will surprise many by winning one maybe two games they are picked to lose , and not have any WTF loses,what a concept GBO!!


1. Jarrett Guarantano will take a big step forward in his development under Tyson Helton. Guarantano is clearly a good athlete and has incredible arm strength. Up to this point he hasn’t had a coach capable of taking his game to the next level. Tyson Helton has a long history of developing QBs and extracting every bit of talent out of them and I believe he will do the same with Guarantano.

2. Our defense will be significantly improved and may keep us close in and/or possibly win us a game that shouldn’t be close. It’s no secret Pruitt is a defensive guru who excels and coaching that side of the ball. Tennessee has plenty of talent on the defensive side of the ball and I believe Pruitt will have these boys ready to play and potentially win us a game we otherwise  shouldn’t even be close in.
3. The Vols will make a bowl game this year. I know it may not seem like all that *bold* of a prediction, but at this point I think it is due to UT coming off of the worst season ever in addition TO enduring a coaching change. However, I believe that the Vols will win the games they should win and also squeak out another win or 2 to put us at least at .500 and make a bowl game in Jeremy Pruitts first season.


1: Jarrett Guarantano makes 1st or 2nd team all SEC
2: Jeremy Banks is getting the most touches out of any back by the end of the season
3: if the Vols steal Auburn, they go 10-2.


1. (Unfortunately) Tennessee beats only Kentucky and Vanderbilt in SEC play, with Mizzou a close heartbreaker
2. The Mizzou loss is the pivotal swing game that prevents the Vols from securing bowl eligibility
3. Positive: Keller Chryst plays the majority snaps over Jarrett Guarantano across the season. Leading receiver is Jennings.


1) Keller Chryst will start from game 2 through the end of the year.
2) Tennessee will beat Florida, South Carolina, or Missouri and Juan Jennings will lead the band to Rocky Top.
3) the Tennessee DBs will go from being a weak link at the start of the season to a team strength by the end of the season.


1) Madre London rushes for north of 1,000 yards.

2) Neither Marquez Callaway nor Jauan Jennings lead the team in receiving yardage.

3) The offensive line remains (mostly) healthy for the duration of the season.

Brian Layman

-Shy Tuttle & Nigel Warrior will be voted 1st team all SEC D

-TN will beat Auburn & lose to Missouri

-Alontae Taylor will have a kickoff return & punt return for a TD in the same game



1. Warrior 1st or 2nd Team All SEC Defense
2. Chandler 1,200+ rushing yards
3. Cimaglia beats GA at whistle



– Starting QB by game four wont be Guarantano or Chryst

– Defense will finish in top 4 Of SEC

– Vols will upset a ranked SEC team

Not so bold…Vols will finish ahead of Gators in the East.



Vols go 3-1 against Bama, Gators, Auburn, Dawgs

Vols finish 2nd in east

Top 5 in sec total defense



1. Tennessee upsets Auburn 30-27
2. Wisconsin makes the College Football Playoff
3. Texas A&M wins the SEC in Jimbos first year


1.) Tennessee leads the Sec in rushing
2.) We beat WVU  USC jr. and Florida by a combined 10 points
3.) Bituli will be top 3 in the SEC in tackles**Honorable Mention: Trey Smith is 1st team All-sec and 1st team All-American. Not sure how “bold” that is.


Nebraska wins 10 games in 2018.


1. Vols go into Georgia 4-0
2. Upset Auburn at Auburn
3. Roll off 5 wins to finish the season


1. There will be a sellout crowd at Neyland in November.

2. There will be exciting games for the right reasons, but some very boring press conferences.

3. Vanderbilt and Kentucky will be wins for Tennessee this year


1. Nigel Warrior and Ty Chandler will be All Americans

2. We’re going to a bowl game
3. Lisa and Russell will play tounge hockey on an episode of Voluntary Reaction


1. Tennessee wins 2/3 out of Florida Bama and Georgia
2. Dominick wood Anderson will lead team in overall receiving yards
3. Tennessee brings back the black outlines on numbers for throwbacks


1. Michigan finally beats Ohio State

2. Buckshot Calvert leads the nation in TD passes

3. Ed Orgeron is fired before they play Arkansas in November


1. Bama doesn’t win 11 games
2. Mizzou wins 8 games
3. I become an alcoholic at the age of 19 because we lose to WVU, UGA, Auburn, Bama, Mizzou, and SC


1) We will beat WVU by two touchdowns.
2) We will start 4-0.
3) We will end up 2nd in the East.


1. Tennessee will beat Georgia
2. Tennessee will play Alabama close (and possibly win)
3. Tennessee will win 8 games


1. Vols Make an upper-tier bowl (Such as the Outback) and win it to get to 9 wins.

2. Marquez Callaway catches the game-winning touchdown against two of the following: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and/or Auburn).
3. Tennessee has the best rushing offense and 2nd best rush defense in the East.


1. Jauan Jennings and Marquez Callaway will combine for more than 30 TDS…..from within the redzone.

2. Ty Chandler will rush for over 1500 yards and finish 1st in the SEC in that category.

3. Nigel Warrior will be named first-team all-American after a 14 interception, triple digit tackle, double digit TFL season.


Tennessee finishes second in the east.
This isn’t a prediction, but I honestly believe everyone is devaluing us, based solely on what happened last season. That’s fair and all, but do they not remember what happened with the basketball team lol. I hope we prove everyone wrong. I also believe they’ll beat West Virginia and will beat Florida


1. Tennessee will beat Auburn on the road
2. Tennessee’s pass defense will finish 2nd in the SEC
3. Jeremy Pruitt will be SEC Coach of the Year


Nigel Warrior leads the team in tackles and plays his way to be a Thorpe Award finalist.


1.) UT beats West Virginia
2.) UT beats Florida
3.) Dominick Anderson will have 500+ receiving yards


-Tennessee beats Auburn

-Tennessee’s defense leads the East in takeaways.

-Tennessee has 9 wins heading into bowl season


1. Kongbo ends the season with 9.5 sacks
2. Ty Chandler rushes for over 1,000 yards
3. Tennessee upsets Florida on another J. Jennings game winner

Josh Grissom

1. Tennessee will knock off Alabama for once in the last decade plus at Neyland Stadium.
2. We will win 4 straight games to begin the year.
3. We will finish top 5 in the country at recruiting.


1. Jarrett Guarantano starts game #1.

2. Among South Carolina, Kentucky, Vandy, and Missouri, Tennessee will win 3 out of those 4.

3. The Vols are back in a bowl game.


1. Both UT offense and defense will improve scoring average by at least 6 points a game. Vols scored 19.83 ppg last year and gave up 29.08 ppg last year. It will be close to even this year.

2. Vols will improve per-game rushing by at least 33 yards per game. Last year, Vols averaged 117.4 yards on the ground. This year, we’ll rush for at least 150 yards per game.

3. Vols will increase 3rd-down conversion by at least 33 percent. Last year, Vols converted 30.67 percent on 3rd down. This year, we’ll get at least 40 percent.


#1 Neither Tennessee quarterback takes a stranglehold on the position. Instead both Chryst and JG start Atleast 4 games each.
#2 Jalen Hurd does succeed at Baylor as a Wide Reciever. He will catch atleast 8 touchdowns. However Baylor will continue to struggle,winning no more than 4 games.
#3 Jimbo Fisher will struggle mightily in his first year in the SEC. By mid-November his Texas A&M Aggies will be fighting just for Bowl eligibility.


1. The Vols will beat Florida by 10+ points

2. Ty Chandler will rush for over 800 yards

3. Todd Kelly will have 4+ INT’s


1. Neither the SEC or ACC will be in the Title Game
2.  Alabama will NOT make the SEC Title Game
3.  The PAC 12 will be in the title game


1. Latrell Williams leads the SEC in yards per catch (min. 10 catches) and it’s over 25 yards/deception.

2. Jarrett Guarantano starts all twelve (regular season) games and is a consensus top 5 SEC QB

3. Daniel Bituli gets first round draft grades at the end of this year

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