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Valentine’s Day RomCom Power Rankings

On TalkSports (airing everyday 10am-1pm on 1340WKGN), my cohost and I do Power Rankings. In honor of Valentine’s day, today’s rankings were movies of the RomCom genre.

What makes a great RomCom? To me, the cast has to be strong. The female lead needs to be cute, not overly sexy. You’re not supposed to lust after her. You’re supposed to fall in love with her. The male lead needs to win the woman over with his charm, not looks. A relationship has to form during the movie.

How funny does the movie need to be? That’s the question that I’m not sure I have an answer to. Out of the 5 listed below, only two of them would be classified as “funny.”

IDK IDK. Let’s get to the list.

5. Crazy Stupid Love (2011)
The cast is strong.

Steve Carrell. Ryan Gosling. Julianne Moore. Emma Stone. Kevin Bacon. Marisa Tomei.

This movie hits it all. The movie’s protagonist, Steve Carrell, is told by his wife that she’s having an affair (with David Lindhagen of all people) forcing him to reevaluate his life.

Infidelity? Check

So, then he wants to become cooler so he becomes friends with Ryan Gosling. Gosling helps him with the ladies.

Shoutout to makeovers.

Meanwhile, Gosling is out here macking on Emma Stone. They even recreate the Dirty Dancing lift (nostalgia? Check.). Oh man, I love those two together. Bad boy falling for the good girl and changing his ways? Oh, you already know it.

The movie falls right in the wheel house of Carrell’s run on The Office. He’s at his best.

Great movie. Honestly, I regret not having it higher on my own list.

4. Pretty Woman (1990)
Julia Roberts at her finest.

This movie gives us all hope that no matter where we are in life, busy with our careers or turning tricks on the street in fishnet stockings, love can find us.

(Although, is the most romantic part of this movie when she tells him that he can finally kiss her on the lips while having sex with her? Is the funniest part of the movie Jason Alexander sexually assaulting her?)

The moral of the movie is that love can find you even when you may not be looking for love and just wanting to “have some company” IYKWIM.

This movie probably gets a little overrated by the iconic scene of her getting judged for looking trashy only to come back and stunt on them commission-dependent girls.

3. 500 Days of Summer (2009)
Great movie.

Undeniable chemistry between Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. This movie tells the story of a guy having a crush on a coworker only to have it blossom into love just to have it *SPOILER ALERT* 


fall apart completely and have her grow distant in the relationship and then break up with him and then sort of lead him on into thinking he has a chance that all leads up to the SOUL-CRUSHING “expectations vs reality” scene where he shows up to a party expecting her to want to get back together only to see her have a new man in reality.

This movie not having a “happy” ending may ruin it to some. To me, it just represents the sometimes cold reality of falling in and out of love.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Based off of Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew, Heath Ledger, in one of his three best performances, tries to tame the very charming Julia Styles. Ledger’s awesome in the movie as the bad boy that people are afraid of because he has an Australian accent and long curly hair.

He only wants to date Styles because Joseph Gordon Levitt (congrats on having two spots in my top 3, btw) wants to date Alex Mack, but Alex Mack’s dad won’t let her date until the mean older sister does. Levitt pays Ledger which obviously never stays a secret in these type of movies.

Love>money tho.

1. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)
Young Meg Ryan. Young(ish) Tom Hanks. Widowed man. Young kid wanting a mama. Long distance relationships. Talk radio.

It’s got everything you need to make a classic movie. The chemistry was so good they had to run it back years later in You’ve Got Mail.


Listen to the discussion here (and to find out what Cody put in his top 5).

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