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Vol Fans Are Already Loving To Hate This Photoshopped Vol Romper For Men

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it finally happened.

The most unfortunate Photoshop project of recent memory hit the Twittersphere on Wednesday on the coattails of the ever-popular “RompHims.”

First off, no — this isn’t real. I actually checked the VolShop to be 100% sure, and I’m sad that I actually had to check. If you feel totally out of the loop right now, here’s the short of it: a Kickstarter campaign for rompers for men, cleverly coined “RompHims,” took a huge leap in popularity on Monday.

The campaign has raised over $200,000 after having just a $10,000 goal, and drew plenty of roasting across Twitter.




ANYYYYWAAAYYYY, let’s get back to business here. This Vol Romphim or whatever the heck you want to call it might be the worst Vol take of fashion trend I’ve ever seen.

Seriously. This looks as bad as the overweight lady at Walmart who bends down to pick something off the bottom shelf and is wearing clothes made for a woman half her size.

These things are basically Onesies with most of the pants cut off. Is this supposed to be casual wear? Festival attire? Bringing sexy back? Someone explain this to me.

This outfit is literally just a shirt and short-shorts sewn together. Sure, there’s a zipper there for easy bathroom access, but how much convenience do we need in an outfit? If this thing is designed for warm days, what happens when you put one on for a hot or humid day?

Just imagine that you underestimate the temperature and end up at your cousin’s birthday party in the park on a hot day. If the family starts throwing a football around, you can’t even take your shirt off to cool down. Nope, just stuck in something that Richard Simmons might wear in a workout video.

The “Power T” photoshopped on to one of these is just too much. I’m not alone here.

The only other appropriate response I have is this, from Michael Scott.


Tweet us or comment your reactions and tell me I’m not fighting against the crowd here.

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