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University Of Utah Student Installs “Cry Closet” For Students During Finals Week

We’ve all been there before. The semester is coming to an end and you have so many exams to study for and projects to do that it can be overwhelming. And sometimes, you just need to sit back and cry a little. The University of Utah gets that, and they have installed a cry closet in their library for stressed out students.

The cry room is soundproof and filled with stuffed animals for students to just whine up a storm. Nothing like making this generation of softies a little more soft by letting them cry about not wanting to do work. Who cares? Everyone has to take exams in college and you don’t see other colleges freaking out about it.

It’s not the end of the world to take a college exam. You don’t need to cuddle up with Winnie the Pooh in a broom closet while you cry over how much you don’t want to work.

Just shut up, do like most students and pop some adderall and get it done. Just remember the important lesson: C’s get degrees. Life is much less stressful if you embrace that slogan.


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