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UFC Fighter Devin Powell Takes “Busting Your Balls” To Another Level

Getting hit in the crotch: a pain like no other for the male species.

Whether it be a “tap” from a buddy or getting hit in the groin playing basketball, getting hit in the testicles is something every man experiences. For UFC fighter Devin Powell, has time arrived this week.

Fellow fighter Joe Lauzon was practicing with Powell when he grabbed both of Lauzon’s legs. Lauzon then proceeded to try and escape and just like that, Powell was left with one testicle. Lauzon explained in an interview with TMZ that his buddy was filming the incident and you can hear exactly when it happens.

I mean, I’ve gotten hit in the nuts hard enough to where it took me to the ground, but I can’t imagine having one of them rupture.

Powell has since been through surgery and it is said to have been successful and he is in good spirits. Which proves my point that I could never be a UFC fighter. Like, the dude said he is ready to get back to work in the octagon. I’d be looking for some major worker’s comp and I’d milk the injury as long as I possibly could.

Hopefully his career isn’t derailed too much by the injury and if he wants to keep doing what he’s doing, more power to you buddy. If getting elbows to the head, knees to the balls and kicks in the shin is what you like, you’re a nut-job, but do as you please.

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