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Top 5 Worst SEC Fan Bases



We all know the Tennessee Volunteers have the best fan base in the SEC.


It’s not even a discussion.


But, let’s talk about the worst fan bases. You may have a different opinion, and you’re entitled to your own wrong opinion. So follow me as I take a quick dive into some the trashiest, mouthiest, ugliest fan bases

of the SEC!


5. South Carolina


Coming in clucking at number five are the Gamecocks.


How did they make the list?


Well, they aren’t very mouthy, but they do suck.


The answer is simple, a bunch of grown men write the word “cock” on them and sing “sandstorm” as loud as they can, that’s terrible.


Hearing a chicken cluck every five seconds does NOT get me pumped.


They park in a field like a bunch of hillbillies and call that tailgating. News flash South Carolina, you’re not that good, and you have one the most overrated coaches in the SEC.


4. Alabama


Let’s just get straight to the point, saying “roll tide” is AWFUL!


Now that we’ve established that point, I ask the question, why is their mascot an elephant?  Have you ever seen an elephant in Alabama?


There’s not much heckling I can do over the crimson tide, they dominate the SEC, but the fan base is just terrible.


They claim to be so loyal to Alabama, yet when they lose one game, it’s off with Saban’s head.


I get it, when you win almost every game, it’s easy to become prissy, but how prissy can you be when the women there chew tobacco?


3. Georgia




For a fan base that slams every other team for “not being successful,” they haven’t had any action themselves.


Let’s also not forget they have one of the ugliest dogs as a mascot (yes Uga, I’m saying you’re uga-ly).


Not to mention, they always spell “dogs” as “dawgs.”




The fans are the worst to cry every time they lose a recruit and then shout, “we were never recruiting them anyway.”


Yes, you were, we all know you were. Georgia fans, you suck.


2. Kentucky


When I think Kentucky, there’s only one word to describe the fans: privileged.


BBN seems to think every good player is coming to Kentucky, so sure of it, they would swear on the Bible.


They need to stop living in fantasy land and have realistic expectations. While I’m at it, newsflash Cats fans, Benny Snell was NOT your messiah, you still suck.


Side note, why is their stadium named after a grocery store? The fans are so proud and captioning pictures “#KrogerField #KrogerGirl #KentuckyLovesKroger,” not cute.


The fans better remember to click list some tissues, because Tennessee will always be their daddy.


1. Florida


There is nothing worse than a gator chomping Florida fan, ask ANY fan base.


The tweets, oh the tweets, every time they lose a recruit, the fans literally attack that person on twitter for choosing a different school.


I can’t leave out the fact that they worship the ground their players walk on, whether they’re rapists and murders or not (Aaron Hernandez cover-up).


Then you have Percy Harvin, who got high before every game, they LOVED him. Florida has one of the most crooked programs in the history of sports, and yet their fans are right there chomping away.


There you have it, my take on the top 5 worst fan bases of the SEC. Whether or not you agree, I don’t care. If you’re reading this and upset because your team in on here, my point is valid.



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