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Tom Herman and Texas release rap video… and we can’t decide if it’s cool or not

Tom Herman is the current king of gimmicks.

Getting a diamond grill from the Ice Man Paul Wall after Houston won the AAC conference championship? Really cool. And showed that he embraced the culture in Houston. Kissing his players as they enter the stadium? Really, really creepy. And probably would make me never want to play for him ever. Seriously. Sure, winning a lot of football games would be cool, but if I have to let my coach kiss my face before every game, I think I’m going to have to pass and go somewhere like SMU.

Texas finished number 3 in 247’s recruiting rankings in this cycle landing 2 five-stars, 17 four-stars and 8 three-stars while dominating with in-state prospects.

How did Herman celebrate? By getting Texas to make a rap video celebrating his freshman class.



Working all 27 players into a song in like a minute and a half is impressive, even if it seemed forced. Even if the one poor guy only gets a shoutout for being from Australia.

On one hand, I’m sure the freshmen love it, and future recruits probably think it’s cool. On the other hand, imagine what old-school Texas fans are thinking right now. Imagine what’s going to happen when one of these players transfers out. Imagine how funny this is going to be four years from now if we are all still waiting for Texas to (finally) be “back.”

In Knoxville, my initial thought was “wow I’m glad I don’t have to worry about Jeremy Pruitt isn’t going to try to one-up this.” My second thought was to laugh about how mad some Tennessee fans got when Tennessee took out a billboard in the mid-state celebrating their 2014 in-state class?

My third and final thought was that Tennessee basketball needs to bring back Bobby Maze to get us a March Madness anthem ready for the Deacon’s march through March.


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