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Tips To Help You Win Your Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy FootballFantasy football draft season is upon us, boys and girls!

It’s that wonderful time of year where all of our friends get together and create fake teams with silly names consisting of players that hate hearing about it. It really is the best.

If it’s your first time going through this ringer, it can all be a little bit daunting, especially on draft day. There is a lot of information to consider, and if you get it wrong, you have to live with your poor decision making for the next four to 12 months.

Fear not!

Here are six pieces of fantasy football draft advice to get you through this fantasy football season happy and healthy.

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1. Don’t Worry About Prep

This article is the only fantasy football draft prep you’re going to need. Every question you may have is answered somehow, somewhere in this post, you just have to look hard enough.

The worst thing you can do going into a fantasy football draft is to have *too much* information. Drafts normally go pretty quickly, and maintaining mental flexibility to make picks in seconds is vital.

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2. Get A QB Before They’re All Gone

Think about this; 11 of the top 12 fantasy scorers last season were quarterbacks. Running backs, receivers, tight ends, etc. just don’t put up as many points, and frankly, that doesn’t look like it’s changing any time soon. It’s never too early to take a quarterback.

It’s a roster spot that should be filled at least by your third pick in the draft.

See if you can get a pure thrower. Lamar Jackson put up some crazy points last season, sure. But that’s because he ran the ball so much. Everybody knows that play style just isn’t maintainable anymore. This is a passing league, after all.

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3. Draft Rookies Early And Often

These guys are the future of the league, after all. They don’t have the wear and tear on their bodies, and minds like the rest of the NFL does. They’re fresh. And that normally means they produce big fantasy numbers. You need to pick these guys up early. But not too early.

The best part about rookies? They’re normally safe bets. If these multi-million dollar enterprises are willing to take a chance on these young bucks, why shouldn’t you in your $10 fantasy league?

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4. Ignore Injury History

Speaking of wear and tear, don’t worry about if a player has a history of injuries. Injury treatment and rehab has never been better than it is right now, and players are playing longer because of it. Just look at Alex Smith. That dude almost died from an injury, and he’s probably going to start for Washington at some point this season.

Miracles of modern science, friends.

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5. Pick Players On Your Favorite Team

No brainer, right? This is your team’s year. Might as well hitch your fantasy team to their back and ride them all the way to the championship.

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6. Don’t Worry About How Everybody Else Is Drafting

You’re definitely the smartest person in the proverbial room, regardless of what everyone else is doing. Most people would say to keep an eye on what other teams need and base your future picks off of that. Not I. Just keep the blinders on and play your game. Stick to what you know, keep your head down, and let the haters hate. Insert whatever other cliche I’m missing right —> here <-

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