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Tim Tebow might not have actually hit a home run

After a pretty miserable time during Spring Training with the Mets, the team elected to send former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow down to its Class A affiliate, the Columbia Fireflies.

Yeah, one of the best college quarterbacks of all time plays for a team called the Fireflies.

Anyway, Tebow allegedly hit a home run in his first at-bat as a Firefly, as the blurry video shows below.

However, a few things stand out about this. The first (and most obvious) is that the ball hits at an area right around the top of the wall and ricochets back into play. Now, if the ball clearly hits above the top of the wall, it’s a home run. But we can’t really tell where this ball hits because the video is so fuzzy.

There are better quality videos of the moment, but none that zoom far enough to tell where this ball actually hits. This prompted noted sports-truther Spencer Hall, otherwise known on Twitter as “CONWAY TWEETY,” to be the first Tim Tebow home run truther.


You may think “home run truther” is a bit absurd, but we’re journalists. We have to consider all angles here. This led to an even more in-depth analysis of the video — a screenshot and this elegant diagramming.


A few things draw attention here: The small girl looking in the direction of the home run, the fan pointing a camera and the numbers.

Let’s start with the small girl. If Tim Tebow was to fake a home run, he would need some help. If the ball was close to the top of the wall, like this one is, he could use a person to “attempt” to catch the home run and shield the umpires’ views of the ball’s landing spot. However, how will this person know where to stand? Insert the small girl. Tebow has told her where he plans to hit the ball (probably while fake-signing an autograph) and she is accidentally giving it away.

The fan pointing the camera is a HUGE red flag towards the validity of this home run. As the diagrammed picture points out, Tebow is not a baseball player. We have a football player standing in the batting box, and some random baseball fan with tickets behind home plate is pointing a camera at his at-bat? Tomfoolery. She knows what’s about to happen. Notice the direction in which the camera is already pointed… toward where Tebow hits his home run. Her zoomed-out video will be a perfect fake-home run video that can’t be debunked.

If those two points weren’t enough to convince you that something fishy, take a look at the section at the top of the scoreboard that has numbers. You can’t really make it out, but I’m betting that those numbers were changed to say 3:16 in honor of Tebow’s favorite Bible verse. It’s the ultimate “HERE, HIT THE BALL HERE TIM” sign. This crucial sign is how our third person, the one who will attempt to catch the home run ball and shield the umpires’ view, knows where to stand. All he or she had to do was find the 3:16.

Some of you may believe the many tweets from fans attendance saying the ball was hit above the railing.

However, for those that can’t ignore these blatantly obvious coincidences, we’ve got a truther conspiracy group for you.

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