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Tighten Up The Cleats, Y’all. Baseball Is Officially Back

It’s Official, Baseball is back!

The players and owners cleared their final hurdle on Monday afternoon. The two sides ironed out the final details on Tuesday afternoon.

The biggest hurdle being the Health and Safety Protocol. Players will begin traveling to their home cities immediately and basically begin team “mini-camps”.

The schedule will consist of divisional games and some inter-league based on geographic region.

A few additional pieces that came out of today’s hash session:


  • Players will not be mic’d up
  • Teams will not wear advertising patches on their uniforms
  • The universal designated hitter, as previously reported, will remain in place as it is a part of the H&S Protocol.


Is this thing going to be perfect? No.

Should we just all forgive the owners and the players for acting like imbeciles? Absolutely freakin’ not.

MLB is not an institution that can afford many major missteps like this one. There has been a steady decline in viewership, attendance, and merchandise.

This misstep comes out a crucial times as TV contracts for regular season and playoffs will come due next year. Major League Baseball really had a chance to be a shining beacon for America. They had a chance to be the FIRST and ONLY sport on TV.

Instead, they completely pissed that opportunity away and acted like two mules fighting over a turnip.

However, with all of that said, let’s get ready for America’s pastime.

Summer is finally about to feel little a little more like summer. Not having baseball on TV in June has been sacrilege. Yes I know it’s a dying sport, blah blah blah.

Beggars can’t be choosers. Golf, soccer, and NASCAR are very niche sports. Baseball is one that the majority of folks enjoy; whether it’s in person, on TV, or listening on the radio.

With everything going on in the world right now, maybe baseball still has an opportunity to be the hero. Maybe this can bring us together enough to ease some of the tensions and for us to get something done.

…..too optimistic? Hey, it’s 2020, I think we all agree anything can happen.

Oh, by the way, when August rolls around it’s going to be like drinking from a fire hose when it comes to sport. We will have a buffet that includes, NASCAR, NHL, NBA, PGA, MLB, MLS, European soccer, and college football on the horizon.

Things are finally starting to look up.

An interesting wrinkle is also being rumored.

Jayson Stark of the MLB Network and The Athletic tweeted the following:


If any official word comes out about this we will be sure to update the masses.

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