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The Vols Are Only Delaying The Inevitable By Keeping Jeremy Pruitt


Fourteen years.

That’s how long it’s been since the Vols last beat the Crimson Tide.

To put that into context, there are Tennessee fans that are currently 32 years old that have never been able to legally participate in smoking a victory cigar. 

Nobody blames Tennessee for losing to Alabama.

Most realistic fans knew this game wasn’t going to go in favor of the Vols. That being said, it is pretty remarkable to go into a game having zero expectations and somehow still come out feeling disappointed.

Forget Alabama, though. The University of Tennessee has much bigger problems on their hands. 

The Vols have a culture problem

There is no excuse for losing to Kentucky and being completely non-competitive in the bigger games on the schedule.

Throughout the past 10 quarters of football it’s been pointed out multiple times how it looks like the team has just quit. Additionally, there are rumors of fights in the locker room. Add on the random defensive line coach firing from last week, and it is pretty obvious something is not right on Rocky Top. 

This is the first time Jeremy Pruitt has ever been a head coach, and he is undeniably in over his head.

The stage is too big, and the lights are too bright.

Whichever way you put it, Pruitt isn’t ready to be a head coach at a major university. I am not taking anything away from his individual coaching ability, either. Pruitt is an elite defensive coordinator, and has proven he can develop defensive players. Unfortunately, this doesn’t carry over to the offense. 

Pruitt’s lack of offensive development is exactly why he isn’t fit to be a head coach. It has been three years and they continue to trot out the same quarterback simply because he “practices” the best. This is the most important position on the field and Pruitt still has yet to figure this out. Pruitt has an old-school mindset, and this mindset includes neglecting the offense. This philosophy just will not cut it in today’s game anymore. 

As a fanbase, we have seen all we need to

Regardless, it isn’t feasible to fire Pruitt right now. The university owes him way too much money, especially considering the ridiculous extension he was awarded right before the season. Additionally, with everything going on surrounding Covid-19 it would probably be deemed unethical to fire a coach this season.

Lastly, Fulmer is a former coach, he is always going to side with the coach in this sort of predicament. 

It isn’t going to be easy. It isn’t going to be fun. But all we can do now is try our hardest to enjoy the rest of the season. The players deserve our support, and at the very least, we owe them that. Just keep in mind, every day that goes by is just delaying the inevitable.

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