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The Official Fanrun Radio Vols Vs. Dawgs Drinking Game

It’s always a good time when the Vols are featured on the CBS SEC Game of the Week. It’s even better when it’s in a big time rivalry match-up.

When it’s the Vols biggest game since 2016 at Texas A&M, it’s as intoxicating as grandpa’s homemade white lightnin’ in a Mason Jar. As excited and amped as the all Vols fan are for Saturday, there is still one thing on our minds.

Gary and Brad are on the call.

Fear, not Vol Nation, Fanrun Radio is here to save the day. We present “The Official Fanrun Radio Vols VS. Dawgs Drinking Game.”

If the rules are followed correctly, one of two things will happen.

You could die.

Actually, that’s it. Let’s dive in.

The Rules

  • Every time Gary or Brad compare Georgia to Alabama, take a shot.
  • Whenever Nick Saban’s record against his former assistant’s and coordinators is brought up, finish your drink.
  • For every Georgia personal foul, take a sip of your drink.
  • Every time the “Hobnail Boot” call is played or referenced, take a shot.
  • Whenever the “Dobbsnail Boot” call is played or referenced, finish your drink.
  • Every time they show Kirby Smart’s photo from the team composite when he was a payer, take a sip of your drink.
  • Anytime they reference the “Kiffin-Pruitt-Smart-Muschamp” Group text, take a shot.
  • Whenever the Cade Mays transfer drama is mentioned, or Mays is zoomed in on, finish your drink.
  • Every time the officials make an absurd call that makes you question why God hates the Vols, get over it; that’s never going to change.
  • Anytime the 41-0 game is mentioned, take two shots. (because that shit still hurts)
  • Whenever Stetson Bennett, IV’s transfer story/ come-up story is mentioned, finish your drink.
  • Anytime the Jim Chaney connection is discussed, take a sip of your drink.

At this point, you’re either dead or on your way to the hospital.

Hopefully, this will make listening to Brad and Gary drone on about Alabama and stroke Georgia’s ego a little easier.

One more thing, GO DAMN VAWLS!

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