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The Most Hated Coaches In The SEC



The SEC is filled with some of the most talented coaches in all of college football. A lot of sports outlets will list coaches based on staff, in-game adjustments, and just plain coaching talent. Today, we’re going to talk trash about coaches that most people don’t like or just plain out hate. We know it is Father’s Day and all these coaches deserve our respect. But, it wouldn’t be the SEC if we could write an article about the most hated coaches in the SEC.

Dan Mullen

First, you have to start with a coach that allows his wife to kiss players. Just thinking about that makes me want to find a trash can. But, I mean at least Mrs. Mullen is kinda hot, right?

Have you ever seen Mullen’s Tik Tok? If you haven’t, considered yourself lucky. Dan has the worst moves of all time. I’m confident Jimmy Hymans has more rhythm. While we’re on the uncool dad kind of subject, Mullen needs to take off the Jordan’s, especially the ones that look they are from Walmart.

It’s hard to deny Mullen’s success as a head coach, but the man’s personality just ruins any media session he ever does, which makes it so easy to troll him. Butch Jones 2.0 in the making.

Lane Kiffin

Let’s just clear the air that Lane Kiffin didn’t make this list because he left Tennessee after one year. Even though I’m still pissed about that.

Can we all agree that Kiffin has always been a little overhyped? Kiffin holds a .627 win percentage, but for the number of big jobs he’s had, he could do much better. Also, Kiffin can never shut up. He always has an opinion about everything. Honestly, Kiffin makes TV very entertaining, but when it comes to winning clutch football games, he doesn’t show up.

Will Muschamp 

How does Muschamp still have a job?

His current record is 26-25 at South Carolina. And, why does he always look so angry? Muschamp looks like he’s got to take a massive dump every time you look at him. His alter ego of “Grandma Will” with his reading glasses during press conferences while avoiding questions is icing on the cake.

Nick Saban 

Lastly, did you think that Nick Saban wasn’t going to make this list?

Saban is like that super grumpy grandpa that never is happy about anything. Five National Championships in a row and the dude still wouldn’t be satisfied.

I don’t know if his wife just doesn’t love him, but he acts like a child on the sidelines. Some may say it is passion, blah blah blah. The majority of people hate Saban because he wins at everything, and it comes with success. Saban won’t tell the media anything and acts like everyone should worship the ground he walks on, that’s not how it works.

Now many people have different hatred for different coaches; if you agree, that’s great, but if you disagree, I honestly don’t care. P.S. Jeremy Pruitt is the most likable coach in the SEC.

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