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The Lakers Should Draft De’Aaron Fox Over Lonzo Ball

The NBA Draft is a little over 4 hours away and the NBA offseason continues to be a roller coaster. Yesterday, we learned that the Los Angeles Lakers traded D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets for Brook Lopez and the 27th pick tomorrow. Then we had the whole Dwight Howard fiasco with Howard tweeting to his fans about the draft and then minutes later getting drafted.

But, now all eyes are on tonight. When both Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox are both considered to be top-five picks. But, De’Aaron Fox might be the better choice for the Lakers. With the departure of Russell, you know the Lakers are looking for a versatile point guard to fill that void, and both Fox and Ball are both stars at that position.

The biggest hurdle that the Lakers would have if they did draft Lonzo would be his dad. Lonzo’s hometown of Chino Hills is only 50 minutes from Staples Center. You know exactly what that means. LaVar Ball will be a frequent spectator at Lakers games. That’s something that Jeanie Buss and the Lakers front office have to think about. Do they want to deal with all that drama?

De’Aaron Fox seems like the quieter and more mature player. Plus, Fox outplayed Ball in both their matchups including a 39 point performance during the NCAA tournament. In that sweet 16 game, Fox made Ball look like a second round pick. Also, Fox’s dad isn’t the one making outrageous comments about his son.

So, it’s up to the Lakers tonight, but if I was in Jeanie Buss shoes, going with De’Aaron Fox would be the better choice.

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