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The Dominoes Have Begun To Fall In College Football

The first step in “no college football” was taken on Thursday.

Big 10 Commissioner Kevin Warren announced the cancellation of all non-conference games for the 2020 season. It was later reported that the PAC-12 and the ACC were expected to follow suit.

With three of the Power Five down, how long before the SEC and BIG 12 make it 5 for 5? This, in my opinion, is a very bleak sign for the college football season.

Obviously, I believe we have to have a college football season. All of the facts and statistics point to it being safe for the student athletes to have a season. Whether that includes fans or not is a different story.

For what it’s worth, I am of the belief we should have fans.

Where do we go from here?

I believe in the next two weeks we will have official announcements from all five major conferences that this season will be conference only. It is being speculated that this will consist of 10-game schedules for each.

Now obviously, this will be fun and make for a very enjoyable slate of games every Saturday. Oh, to the Blue-Checkmark Brigade that said the Ivy League’s decision was the only right decision, put a sock in it.

This whole situation is just a miniature version of this pandemic as a whole. The BCB (Blue-Checkmark Brigade) said to shut everything down immediately everywhere back in March regardless of the numbers.

Now look at the position we are in. A blanket approach doesn’t always work.

The BCB was wrong when it came to the national response and they are wrong with the response to college football. The economic fallout for many of the universities and the towns they are in would be catastrophic.

You simply can’t just flat out cancel the season. The Ivy League can because those book nerds barely break even on athletic revenue and their local economies don’t rely on the boost athletics bring.

For the record, I think we will have a season.

I do not believe it will get to the point where the Power Five cancels all-together. The screams and cries from the BCB aren’t over yet. They will try their damnedest to attempt to cancel the season.

But football fans do not negotiate or give in to terrorists demands. Hang tough y’all.

Oh, one last thing.

Shout out to the NCAA for this extreme show of leadership in this confidence inducing morale booster.

Way to be the governing body we need in these “unprecedented times.”

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