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Texas Football Would Be Tejas Futbol Without Tennessee

Texas Football


For some reason, the University of Texas is worried about a small high school in Tennessee. Just the thought of a state university like the fake UT being worried about a high school team is laughable.

But, it’s rather simple. Tennessee is the real UT. I’ll say it again, Tennessee is the real UT.

The Vols are all over social media right now. Recruiting is going well, and even Barstool has taken a liking to the prettiest shade of orange. Burnt orange is like burnt toast, no one likes it.

Ask Teez’ Tabor, being burnt sucks.

Just like every offseason, Texas is just trying to stay relevant. But, bullying a small-town high school football team is plain dumb and it shows a lack of respect for small-town America.

Stephen Long, supervisor of athletics for Johnson County Schools, said, “The University of Texas has asked the school system to change the longhorn logo.” Texas sent the school a cease-and-desist letter claiming copyright infringement.

What’s baffling about this whole deal is there isn’t a soul in the world who would confuse the University of Texas and Johnson County High School. A high school that has 600 students.

Now, the school is on the hook for changing all the uniforms, which is going to cost a ton of money.

FoxSportsKnoxville’s own Hayden Wallen grew up around the program and said, “Their fans and players are absolute nut-jobs, but I would still be disappointed if they lost their logo that is plastered across every inch of their walls and trophy cases.”

Here is a quote from Matt Pene, Media Relation Manager at the University of Texas at Austin.

“The University of Texas at Austin, like many other universities around the country, works to protect its federally registered trademarks. The university reached out to the Johnson County school system back in January when we learned of a potential trademark violation. We have been collaborating with the district since then to come up with alternatives and come to a mutually workable solution that affords ample time to phase in a new logo.”

VolTwitter, please do your thing and find Matt Pene on Twitter.

I wonder if Texas will demand these Texas high schools to change their logos?

Austin brings up a great point. Tennessee would never bother with something as silly as this.

Unfortunately, Tennessee and Texas will forever be inextricably linked.

Back in the 1820s, Mexico welcomed settlers from America to populate Texas. Americans quickly outnumbered Mexicans, and by the 1830s American communities started to rebel. In 1836, Texas declared its independence from Mexico that also happens to be the same year Johnson County was founded. That’s where the great state of Tennessee became involved.

Of course, everyone is familiar with George Childress, who is recognized with authoring the Texas Declaration of Independences. The famous Tennessean Davy Crockett, among many others, defended the Alamo. Texas should forever owe a debt to the best state in America, Tennessee. And, while I will always stand with people trying to do the right thing, we should have let Texas stay apart of Mexico.

If it weren’t for Tennessee, Texas football would be Tejas futbol, and that should be enough to leave small-town Johnson County High School alone.

Horns down.

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