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Titans Unveil New Uniforms, Go Blue With More Blue

Going Through Changes

Last night, thousands of Tennessee Titans’ fans gathered in downtown Nashville to witness their team reveal their new uniforms. It’s been nearly 20 years to the day since the last time the Titans had a jersey change. That was in part due to the team’s relocation to Nashville from Houston and wanting a new look for a new team. Now, 20 years later, the Titans find themselves in a comparable position.

While this team is not starting over from square one, they still find themselves in need of a fresh start. The Titans hired a new head coach this offseason in Mike Vrabel. Jon Robinson was hired as the general manager two years ago. Longtime franchise owner Bud Adams passed away recently, leaving that position to Amy Adams Strunk to handle co-chairman responsibilities. Somewhat recently (2015 isn’t so far, alright?), the franchise changed the home stadium name from LP Field to Nissan Stadium. Everything surrounding the Titans has been changing, and now their uniforms have too.

There is still plenty to take in since the reveal, and everyone is already up in their own opinions. Regardless, at first glance, I actually really like the new uniforms. They did a great job at changing things up without making it too drastic. The biggest change was the helmet. It used to be white with the Titans’ logo. Now, it is the darker navy blue color with the same Titans’ logo.

Attention to Detail

Jon Robinson was asked to describe the new uniforms with only one word; he answered with “fierce.” This is an accurate depiction, if you were to ask me. Not only do the jerseys look good, but there are tons of new details. The shoulders embrace the new two-toned gray/silver in the form of a sword. There are three red stars on the neck, symbolizing the three stars on the state flag that represent west, middle, and east Tennessee. The Nike swoosh is now red, keeping it as an alternate color.

Nevertheless, my favorite detail is in the new number font. While the font itself might not have been the best option, every number now has a point in the top right. The shape is intended to illustrate what the northeast corner of the state of Tennessee looks like. It is a very minute detail, but one that pays homage to the state. The smallest of details can make all the difference, and in this case it did.

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