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Tennessee QB JT Shrout Transferring, Will Enter The Portal

It’s been a wild two plus years for JT Shrout at Tennessee, and it looks like it’s finally coming to an end. The quarterback has decided to transfer from the program. He submitted his paperwork on Monday.

Pete Thamel was first to report on Tuesday.

Since throwing an interception against Kentucky, JT Shrout has spent time on the scout team and running with the 2’s in practice.

He was officially back in Pruitt’s doghouse, but really, he never left. Shrout has the best arm on the football team, I don’t think many would argue this. But, he was never a Pruitt guy, after being brought in when Tyson Helton was hired as OC. Who knows if that had anything to do with JT not getting a fair opportunity.

During their preparations for Florida, JT Shrout was practicing with the 2’s for most of the time, never getting that opportunity to get quality time with the first team, according to sources. It was always going to be Harrison Bailey starting that weekend, it was a part of the plan.

I imagine it was planned to get JT a few reps against Florida, but I don’t think this staff saw what was coming from the QB.

What you saw against Florida was Shrout taking advantage of another opportunity he should’ve been given.

If the thinking was that Shrout wouldn’t touch the field again for Tennessee after his interception against Kentucky, then what was the thinking by continuing to start Guarantano. See, none of this makes any sense, and there’s a reason why the questions were still being asked.

But the fact is, he deserved to show the Tennessee coaches more, which is exactly what he did.

Shrout was also dinged up, with the CBS crew saying he had a labrum injury. JT said he was doing ok during his postgame availability. According to sources, Shrout is still dealing with a small shoulder injury, but it’s something he continued to play through.

So what did the quarterback who was thrown to the pasture after his interception against Kentucky do? He led the Vols on consecutive 90+ yard touchdown drives. Now, folks will say he played against Florida scrubs, but I counted at least six starters on the defense. Also, when was the last time you saw Tennessee getting that many different players the football? It’s been a while, I know. Shrout was able to spread the ball around because his teammates appreciate him sticking with this team. It might look small to fans, but it’s a change of pace for the receivers.

JT also led the Vols with two touchdowns against Vanderbilt during his time in the game.

The legend of JT Shrout started with that bomb to Marquez Callaway during the South Carolina game last season. It might’ve been the prettiest pass a Tennessee QB has completed in the last two seasons. But the fact still remained that it was always hit or miss with this staff on Shrout. I don’t honestly think they put in enough time to develop the young man into what they wanted out of a QB.

His beautiful pass to Cedric Tillman this past Saturday was another one to chalk up.

He participated in eight games during his time in Knoxville and tried to make the most out of each one. It’s too bad the staff couldn’t develop that cannon for an arm.

Wherever he goes next, I imagine they won’t waste his potential talent like this staff has. Who knows, maybe Shrout turns out to be a career backup. But, maybe he proves this coaching staff wrong and they watch him throwing touchdowns on sportscenter.

With Tennessee’s luck, they’ll definitely be watching sportscaster.

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