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Fox Sports Knoxville’s Orange and White Drinking Game

Butch Jones

Let’s all be honest here: No one is really excited for the Orange and White game. With that in mind, let’s at least make the thing tolerable — here’s our official Orange and White drinking game to keep your viewing experience entertaining.

1. When Josh Dobbs is mentioned, drink.

This one alone might just kill some people. The biggest storyline of the spring game is the quarterback competition, which will lead to plenty of talk about the hole that Dobbs and his impact will leave on the offense.

2. When Butch Jones tries to hype up fans on his microphone, drink.

Neyland Stadium isn’t exactly going to be rocking on Saturday. As per norm, Butch is sure to get in a few “Come on and get loud!” type encouragements to those in attendance. This one is almost as helpful as it is part of the fun — the more you drink, the harder it will be to hear these hype messages.

3. When Clint Stoerner mentions the “Stumble and Fumble,” drink.

This is here because it’ll be about the only Vol-positive drinking game rule to follow. Stoerner is on the SEC Network broadcast of the game, so we are guaranteed at least one mention of the 1998 season-changing turnover.

4. Take “Go for 2” shots after every touchdown because Butch Jones won’t.

Let’s all think back to a certain 2015 game when Tennessee scored a touchdown to go up 12 points, then didn’t go for a 2-point conversion because the chart allegedly said not to. That turned out well. We drink to forget.

5. Drink when the broadcast mentions staff turnover.

It’s inevitable, but irrelevant talking material for the Orange and White game. The Vols have four new position coaches, Larry Scott in his first year as offensive coordinator and new quality control coaches. We’re sure they’ll be important factors in deciding a winner of the game.

6. Finish every drink in sight if Jalen Hurd is mentioned.

Hurd played his last game as a Vol midway through the 2016 season, but his decision to leave the team in the middle of the season was one of the biggest storylines all year long. There hasn’t been much indication on his future plans, but they won’t have anything to do with Tennessee. If the broadcast mentions Hurd, we’re all in trouble.

7. If Trey Smith’s size or “five-star” status is mentioned, drink.

We get it, he’s a big freshman. It’s going to be pretty evident on the field, considering most of the recognizable names for the Vols are going to be injured or not participating in the events. Smith has been impressive this spring, but hasn’t faced a ton of good opposition.

8. If Jauan Jennings’ Hail Mary catch is mentioned, drink.

Jennings is one of the few offensive starters that’ll see plenty of playing time on Saturday. It won’t take many touches for the broadcast to bring up his heroics at Georgia from October, so this should be an easy one.

9. If Sheriron Jones wins the quarterback competition, drink.

Jones is a Vol favorite after reportedly firing up the team on the sidelines of the Battle at Bristol after a poor start. Plus, for a guy who likely won’t see the field this year, winning the spring game quarterback contest is a nice consolation price for transferring away only to come back and still be behind two quarterbacks on the depth chart.

10. If two players you’ve never heard of face off in the Circle of Life drill, drink.

It’s fun for the walk-ons and low men on the depth chart to get into things, but for the viewers, it really drives home the “Why did I take time out of my day to watch this?” question home. Try to listen for the added benefit of most fans in Neyland groaning with discontent when this happens. You’ll be glad to be watching on television.

Good luck surviving our Orange and White drinking game.

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