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Tennessee Allegedly Handed Recruits “McDonald’s Bags” Full Of Cash

Today on “The Dan Patrick Show”, they broke down Tennessee’s decision to fire Jeremy Pruitt. Just as all other sports media outlets have in the hours since the decision was made. However, Dan Patrick (the dude from Adam Sandler movies) gave us much more information.

Let’s start with the big quote, “They put money into McDonald’s bags, and gave them to the recruits when they came on campus.”

What? McDonald’s bags? Why?

Here’s why you use McDonald’s bags:

  1. They have a 24-hour drive thru. You can always re-up on bags, no matter what time it is.
  2. It’s open on Sundays. What do you do if you use Chick-fil-A bags and a recruit visits on a Sunday? Nothing. You’re screwed then and there.
  3. No one likes McDonald’s. You won’t have to worry about someone asking “What’s in the bag?” because no one will want any of your McDonald’s.

The next quote that really jumped out to me was, “My source said they were so in your face with this, they weren’t even trying to hide it…Tennessee got sloppy.”

Just like the on-field performances, Tennessee was just as sloppy if not more when it came to recruiting. But it makes sense. If you’re Pruitt, you probably think you don’t have to hide it. Coming from Alabama (where it is suspected he started as their bagman), you don’t have to hide anything.

P.S. The thought that a McDonald’s bag is a good hiding spot for cash is just as dumb as a high schooler thinking a paper bag is a good hiding spot for the beer he’s drinking.

P.S.S. I would’ve been immensely disappointed if I was expecting two McChickens and got a couple $20s. Also, do the kids you start recruiting as high school freshman still get the toy included? I have to many questions.

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