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TalkSports Weight Loss Challenge

Cody McClure made the proclamation: 50 pounds in one month.

That’s how many pounds he believes he can lose in a month with diet and exercise. He said it in passing as we were talking about speaking good things into existence in honor of Texas A&M giving Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque for his future title. After declaring that TalkSports would become regionally syndicated by the 2019 football season, McClure said he’d lose 200 pounds by Christmas 2018.

When I pointed out that it was an absurd claim, he defended his stance by saying that he could easily lose 50 pounds in one month.

One of our listeners heard this and wants in on the action.

Any good bet has to have a winner and a loser, a prize and a punishment. Some people do not believe in Cody and offered up their idea of a punishment


We need ideas for punishments and rewards. Also, we’d like to notify all potential sponsors that there is an opportunity to attach your name to a life-changing moment, either through a jump-start to a healthier lifestyle or through shame.

Can Cody do it?

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