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Taco Bell trying to kill us, introduces a fried chicken taco

No one man should have all that power, Taco Bell

Taco Bell made a power move earlier this week by introducing the Naked Chicken Chalupa. That name is kind of gross, but the most important part is the fried chicken shell on the chalupa. It should be noted that they’re trying to kill us all. Now, I’m not gonna sit here and discriminate against a good fourth meal (can’t do it, won’t do it). I enjoy a Mexi-Melt and a spicy potato burrito along with a chalupa as much as the next guy, but Taco Bell has gone too far.

Coming from the South and being an American, there are certain things we do not mess with. Fried chicken is atop that list. No, it is not because I am African-American (I know the jokes). Hell, if you don’t love the juicy goodness and crisp heaven of traditionally prepared fried chicken, then I got nothing for you, pal. In fact, you’re probably a Commie.

Don’t fret, you’ll live in all its glory come January 26. That day, Taco Bell nationally debuts the fried chicken chalupa being dubbed “the Naked Chicken Chalupa” after testing positive in the Bakersfield, California and Kansas City, Missouri areas for two years.

Here’s some immediate blowback so far…

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