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Soroka’s Strong Start Stops Pitching Skid, Braves win 7-4


The Atlanta Braves (3-3) played their home opener tonight against the Tampa Bay Rays (4-2) at Trust Park, in Atlanta, Georgia, where Mike Soroka, started on the mound for the Braves tonight, after a tremendous outing against the Mets on opening day.

The Braves also saw Travis d’Arnaud return to the lineup tonight, who went 1-for-3 on the night, for one run, which played a pivotal role in the Braves win.

Soroka, had a relatively easy start to the game, allowing one hit and walking Yandy Diaz before the Braves finished the inning with a nice double play.

Ronald Acuna Jr. was the leadoff hitter for the Braves tonight and would be hit by the Rays’ starting pitcher, Charlie Morton, to get a walk to first. However, nothing would come of the first inning, due to Ozzie Albies striking out, the first-inning would end scoreless.

Soroka would have another easy inning, with Freeman making a great play at first and Soroka striking out Rays right fielder Hunter Renfroe, with ease.

Despite getting men on base, the Braves would once again fail to score in the second inning. However, Soroka would come in clutch, leaving the Rays swinging at air or failing to make solid contact to end the inning scoreless.

Things started heating up for the Braves in the bottom of the third inning when Acuna Jr. grabbed a single, Ozzie Albies, would sacrifice himself for Acuna Jr. to make it to second. Freeman would crush the ball to right field for a two-run home run to give the Braves a 2-0 lead going into the fourth inning.

Soroka once again had an easy inning, the most danger he would face would be having a man make it to first base. Morton, also had an easy inning, facing about as much danger, with the Braves leading 2-0 to go into the fifth inning.

Soroka, faced some trouble in the top of the fifth inning, with two outs and runners on first and second, he slipped on his delivery, causing d’Arnaud not to be able to grab it, allowing a runner to make it to third, d’arnaud would overthrow Austin Riley and allow a man to come home.

Soroka would end the inning on the very next pitch, though, with the Braves leading 2-1.

After struggling in the top of the sixth-inning, Soroka’s night would be over, being replaced by Darren O’Day, but not before snagging five strikeouts on the night.

O’Day would give up a line drive to center field, allowing Joey Wendle, to score, to give the Rays the tying run.

Immediately after tying, Renfroe would crack the ball to left field, allowing the Rays to score two more runs, grabbing the lead, 4-2.

A.J. Minter would start warming up in the bullpen. O’Day would strike out Mike Zunino to end the inning.

Andrew Kittredge, would replace Morton and immediately give up a double down the left field line for d’Arnaud. Swanson would grab the Braves a ground rule double to send d’Arnaud home for the Braves to narrow the gap, 4-3.

Oliver Drake would replace Kittredge, who, after an 0-2 count, would walk Inciarte, and strikeout Acuna Jr. on a generous high call from the umpire. Albies would tie the game by sending Swanson home on an infield hit.

Freeman, grabbed a line drive to center field to send Inciarte home to give the Braves the 5-4 lead, to end the sixth inning.

Minter replaced O’Day after an exciting bottom of the sixth for the Braves. He had a fantastic inning, striking out two Rays and getting an easy out to Freeman.

Jose Alvarado would replace Drake for the Rays, who would give up a leadoff double for Ozuna. Johan Carmargo, would come on to pinch hit, and grab the Braves a double.

Ozuna, ran home to give the Braves the 6-4 lead in the top of the seventh inning after a sacrificial hit from d’Arnaud.

A wild pitch from Alvarado, allowed Camargo to run to third, the very next pitch, Adames, would overthrow Martinez, allowing Swanson to make it to first and Camargo to sprint home to give the Braves a 7-4 lead.

Alvarado, would walk Inciarte, and his night would be over, he would be replaced by Aaron Loup, who would walk Acuna Jr. and load the bases, but save the inning by striking out Albies.

Chris Martin would replace Minter in the top of the eight-inning, with an easy enough inning, keeping the score 7-4 going into the bottom of the eight-inning.

Loup had a much easier inning than before, retiring three Braves with ease, to send it to the ninth inning, with the Braves still leading 7-4.

Martin would be replaced by Mark Melancon, who would have an easy game, with Austin Riley sending it to Freeman for the final out, on a long throw for the Braves to win 7-4.

The Braves are set to face the Rays again tomorrow, hoping to split the series, at Trust Park, at 7:10 p.m. EST.

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