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Snap Reaction: Tennessee vs. ETSU

That was an interesting game.

Tennessee beat East Tennessee State 59-3 on Saturday, but there was only so much that we could take away from the game in regards to how the team will perform going forward. Obviously, everything we can talk about after this game should be taken with a grain of salt. It was a lowly FCS team after all.

The Running Back Corps Could Be A Bright Spot

This is a prime example of taking the results of this game with a grain of salt. Obviously, the running game won’t be near as good when they face a team with similar talent. But they still looked pretty good. Jeremy Banks and Madre London both had a pair of touchdowns and 62 and 47 yards rushing, respectively. Considering most of the game, they were working with a short field, that’s not too bad. Add in the exceptional week that Tim Jordan had last week and 65 yards this week, this running back corps could frustrate teams for weeks to come.

Considering the offensive line didn’t look like an all-world unit again today, they might have to be exceptional if they want to have any success.

Weather Delays Are Stupid

This one is a little bit more personal. Last week during the West Virginia game, I almost fell asleep during the rain-delayed halftime sitting in my apartment. All the while, I had people at the game in Charlotte texting me saying “What are they saying on TV? It hasn’t rained a drop, why is the game getting delayed?” Obviously, it didn’t affect me much, but I still felt for the people that had to go all the way there just to experience an hour long halftime.

Lo and behold, the same thing happened this week. A rain delay with absolutely no rain. Add in the fact that we weren’t exactly blowing an FCS team out of the water at the time, and it was a pretty sobering weather delay. FOR NO GOOD REASON.

Unless there’s horizontal rain and cows flying through the stadium, there shouldn’t be a weather delay. Ever.

SEC Play Will Be…Something

I don’t think anyone can get an actual read on this team, just yet. The offensive line is leaving a lot to be desired through the first two weeks, and the defense has been hit, then miss, in that order. The running backs have been good, but they haven’t played a team with a respectable defense just yet.

Add in the fact that Jeremy Pruitt still doesn’t have a win against an FBS opponent, and this team is a complete mystery. The SEC East, outside of Georgia, is just as mysterious, too. Tennessee’s first conference game is against Florida in a couple of weeks. Florida is in a similar boat as Tennessee, as far as how consistent their team is.

Conference play, for Tennessee, is sure to be an interesting experience.

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