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Smart Home Picks: NFL Prop Futures for December

With just more than a month left in the NFL’s regular season, it’s time to look at the best values to cash in on before year’s end. We’ll use the hometown in Nashville as our base

Titans odds courtesy of

Odds the Titans beat the Texans in Week 13: 4/5

Start simple and easy. Not only is Houston coming off a short week, it’s starting quarterback is out for the year. Near even payout. Next.

Odds the Titans make the playoffs: 3/5

Now we’re talking. Certainly, if Tennessee gets past Houston this weekend it’s looking at a playoff spot. Kansas City and Alex Smith are starting their December slide and Buffalo is perhaps the most inconsistent team in the conference. The titans are at 90% to make the postseason. Get this figure before it drops.

Odds the Titans win the AFC South: 11/10

I’ll refer you to the above statement. The Titans still have to play Jacksonville in the season finale. But that game is in Nashville where the Titans are 9-4 over the past two years.

Odds the Titans represent the AFC in Super Bowl LII: 29/1

Now we’re starting to spread out. If Tennessee does manage a playoff spot, it’ll need at least one home game to keep advancing. The team’s home field advantage has worked to a 4-1 home record this year. Keep an eye on the LA Chargers and Kansas City to compete for the AFC’s three seed. After that it’ll be reliant on upsets Wild Card weekend.

Then again, New England is even money right now, so…

Odds the Titans win Super Bowl LII: 75/1

When you consider 12 teams make the playoffs and the Titans are currently valued at 13th to win the Super Bowl… You can make the argument that if the Titans are 90% to make the postseason the numbers don’t add up.

For my money, Atlanta (16/1), New Orleans (12/1) and Pittsburgh (6/1) would be better values.

Odds Marcus Mariota wins NFL MVP: 1000/1

Eh… Twentieth in the league in passing, more interceptions than touchdowns including some ugly ones. Don’t I love the sound of making a grand off a dollar? Sure. But Carson Wentz (6/5) has my eye a whole lot more.

Odds Corey Davis wins OROY: 1000/1

Mariota hasn’t done Davis many favors this year. Perhaps in years to come the combo will post greater numbers.

Christian McCaffrey (200/1) is where I’m headed.


Who out of the NFC will make the Super Bowl? Do you seriously trust a first-year coach and sophomore quarterback with the Rams? How about Carson Wentz?

I’m headed with Atlanta, even with an understanding of how difficult it is to make back-to-back SBs. That’s a team hitting its stride at the right time and still a decent valuation at 8/1. Also taking a look at New Orleans at 6/1.

Remember just how difficult it is to have a young quarterback make the Super Bowl. Fewer than 10% of starting SB quarterbacks have been 25 or under. Only five have been Wentz or Goff’s age or younger.

Choose the experienced Brees or Ryan.

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