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Six Things That NEED To Be Canceled

Cancel Culture is here. It is not new at all but it is officially here.

With everything from syrup bottles to racist college football chants, things are being canceled left and right.

And for good reason, I must add.

I believe its time that we clean house of anything that could be offensive to someone. There is no reason people should enjoy things if it upsets even one person. That’s just inconsiderate to that one person.

So with that being said, I’ll give you a rundown of some things that need canceling A$AP.

1.) Colleges Using “Enter Sandman”

Now, this seems like innocent fun, right?


While there is nothing “unPC” about the chants or nature of these fans, there is something wrong with the title of the song.

“Enter Sandman” is completely insensitive to people who live in desert climates across the word. How would you like it if there was a song called “Enter Deciduous Forrestman”? I’d be personally offended.

2.) White People With Dreads

Cancel Culture

Just look at the girl behind him. She speaks for all of us.

3.) Americas Funniest Home Videos

Cancel CultureThe only people who watch AFV are middle-aged men who can’t find the remote or elderly people who fell asleep watching the 6 o’clock news. Like for real, do ABC executives not realize that every video on their show is on Twitter 3 months before they get to it?

4.) Calling New Technology “Hands-Free”

This is just insensitive and misleading to people with no hands.

It’s really unfair to marginalize this group of people in particular because they can’t write back.

5.) Trumpets

Other brass instruments are cool but I think you can see why the trumpet has to go.

Hell, maybe it doesn’t have to “go” but just has to get a new name. How about “Al French Gorn” or “Clintophone.”

6.) All Terrible Network Cop Dramas

Cancel Culture

“Hey look, we are trending on twitter again”

NCIS, NCIS: LA, NCIS: NOLA, CSI, CSI: MIAMI…should I continue?

I think we can all agree we too many things about police on the news as is. We don’t need to see a bunch of failed actors act out improbable situations to make the cops look better.

In all honesty, the only one we need is “Law & Order: SVU”. Mainly because it is genuinely good but also because Dick Wolf is too funny of a name not to see every Thursday night at 10.

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