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Show Me My Opponent: George Costanza

Just read this. Shoutout to /r/ockytop.

For me personally, Costanza is a perfect (if perhaps unintentional) truth-seeker of everything terrible about being a 9-to-5 worker in America. No one takes risks, and we’re all stuck in a malaise of disappointment and regret for years on end. Costanza, in his job, breaks this mold by continuously breaking what most would consider norms, regardless of the effects to his personal life. By being incompetent at times, he exposes everyone else’s incompetence in the same way. Costanza is everything and nothing at all; the true accidental folk hero who wants nothing more than to be the real hero. The Costanza Opposite World’s only fault is that it was 20 years ahead of its time; we really do live in Costanza States now. If only we had him alongside to fight.

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