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Seton Hall Poll Is The Dumbest Thing On The Internet

Seton Hall


Seton Hall University recently conducted a poll where they asked Americans if they would still attend games without a COVID-19 vaccine.


It’s been roughly a month since we’ve had live sports to watch. If you’re like me, it’s felt like ten years.


We’ve missed the NCAA Tournament, MLB’s Opening Day, and The Masters. The NBA and NHL seasons are on a standstill, and NASCAR is doing iracing.


Sports fans need sports. However, that’s not what Seton Hall is trying to say by their recent poll numbers.


72 percent of the Americans said they would not attend games until a vaccine is developed.


That’s the headline.


That’s the portion of the poll that liberal publications and blue checkmarks are running with to add fuel to the fire.


However, the poll isn’t an accurate view of how sports fans view that question. That’s what people like Darren Rovell and liberal publications like Bleacher Report won’t tell you.


They want chaos and panic. They want bait-clicking headlines.


Rick Gentile, the director of the Seton Hall Sports Poll, presented misleading data to freak people out.


The poll revealed only 762 Americans gave their input.


Only 762 people.


Another question from the poll asked Americans do they missed having the opportunity to watch live sports.


A measly 29 percent said they very much missed having the opportunity to watch live sports.


These aren’t sports fans. As a result, I don’t care about this misleading poll. Furthermore, Rick Gentile should be ashamed to present a poll with such a small sample size. A sample size that isn’t real sports fans.


Clay Travis Twitter Poll


Clay Travis conducted a poll on Twitter that surveyed 84,256 (at the time of this article), asking the same question about attending games without a vaccine.


77.2 percent of sports fans said they would attend.



Rick Gentile, Seton Hall, and any other publication that ran with the take, “fans won’t attend games without a vaccine,” is fake news.


In a poll I conducted recently, I asked a straightforward question, “Is Rick Gentile a dumbass?”


The results were unanimous.


Yes, Rick Gentile is a dumbass and so is anyone else that takes his poll seriously.

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