VIDEO: Jon Reed’s tips to win your bracket

Feel free to steal this bracket and win all of the money in your pool. You’re welcome. Big @Jon__Reed and small @gyrateplus hand you the keys to the bracket kingdom with JR’s 10 tips for success this Ma… — FOX Sports Knoxville (@FOXSportsKnox) March 14, 2017 //

Vol Madness: The Sweet 16

  Pat Summitt’s Region Lofton over Durant versus Jauan Jenning’s Hail Mary catch Lady Vols 39-0 season versus Peyton Manning’s bootleg vs Bama   Vol Navy Region Dobbs Hail Mary throw versus Stumble & Fumble Barnett breaks the sack record versus Skyler McBee 3 vs Kansas   John Ward’s Region Deon Grant one-handed INT against Florida versus Eric Berry picks…

Round of 32: The Results

Thanks for all your votes over the past week. Here are the final results of the Round of 32. The Sweet 16 will begin this Monday, March 13. Vote, vote, vote!    Pat Summitt’s Region  Matchup #1 in Pat Summitt's Region. Videos here: You can vote either on Twitter or on the website! #VolMadness…

Round of 32: Smokey’s Region

Wide Left against Florida ’98 versus Wilhoit’s game winner against Florida ’04 (Kick at 5:20)       #2BasketVols beats #1Memphis versus Witten’s TD catch in 6OT against Arkansas (Catch at 2:17:14)   Eric Berry & Tebow collide versus Colquitt punt/fumble against Miami ’03 (Hit at 0:24)    

FOX Sports Knoxville Mailbag- 3-8-2017

The first edition of the FOX Sports Knoxville Video Mailbag. Some of the questions included: Titans Super Bowl or Vol Playoff appearance, Lonzo Ball vs Charles Barkley, How much money would I need to have sex with Kelly Anne Conway, etc etc. #FBJ2017 #MakeTennesseeTENNESSEEAgain

Round of 32: John Ward’s Region

  Condredge Holloway’s run againt GT ’73 versus Deon Grant one handed INT vs Florida     Travis Stephen’s run against Florida ’01 versus Eric Berry picks Tebow for 96 yard TD       Malik Foreman punch out at A&M versus Manning to Kent 80 yard TD opening play vs Bama     Miracle at…

Round of 32: Vol Navy Region

  Gerald Riggs OT TD at LSU ’05 versus Dobbs Hail Mary throw.   (TD at 9:10)     Stumble & Fumble versus Tony Robinson two-point conversion against Bama ’84   (two-point conversion at 1:07:31)   Trevor Daniel’s punt against UGA versus Derek Barnett breaks sack record (Punt at 2:40:01)     Skyler McBee 3 against Kansas versus Jay…