SEC Win Total Predictions For The 2020 College Football Season

With an official schedule finally being released, there is cause for excitement. We finally have an official start date, and home teams are set. This season is going to be anything but ordinary, that’s for sure.

Exactly what it will look like, no one knows at this point. However, just knowing as of now there will be college football on the field, the CBS SEC Game of the Week music will be coming through the TV, and the grill will be fired up has me feeling finer than a frog hair split four ways.

This time of the year brings the start of the many debates. From win totals to who’s going to win each conference, everyone has a take.

I have winners, winners, and more winners. Here are picks on every SEC team’s O/U for wins and losses for the season.

We’ll start with the mold at the bottom of the barrel.