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SEC Power Rankings Week 3: Vols Can’t Hold On Against UGA

SEC football


The new SEC Power Rankings are here and let me say, what a weekend in SEC football.

Unfortunately, we found out that the Vols are not back.

Lane Kiffin couldn’t make good on his promise to never lose to Nick Saban again.

Although he made it interesting, to say the least.

Alabama’s defense is not what we are used to. LSU is dead in the water.

LOL, Florida.

Let’s break everything down this week’s SEC Power Rankings

1. Georgia Bulldogs

Their defense is phenomenal.

Stetson Bennett, IV, continues to do exactly what is required of him to win.

Kirby Smart is still a punk.

I’m going to move on now.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

The Tide slipped to number 2 this week’s SEC Power Rankings because of their atrocious defensive play.

The offense, led by Mac Jones and Najee Harris, was ridiculous.

Saban and the Boys better get that defense fixed as they prepare to play host to Georgia.

Might we see Saban lose to a former assistant for the first time?

3. Florida Gators

Despite their last minute upset at the hands of Jimbo Fisher and the Aggies, the Gators remain in the top 3.

The Florida offense was, once again, as potent and explosive as ever.

That defense can be likened to Swiss cheese, however.

If Florida has any hope of making it to Atlanta, they need get it figured out quickly.

4. Ole Miss Rebels

The Lane Train and the Rebels had a very impressive night against Bama.

They made the Tide defense look absolutely horrendous.

This game was close right down to the last three minutes.

Kiffin has this team well on the way to be a serious SEC threat.

The focus going forward should be to work on the defense.

If they make improvements there, we should all be afraid.

5. Texas A&M Aggies

Kellen Mond and Isaiah Spiller were finally able to get the Aggie offense rolling.

Yes, it was against, arguably Florida’s weakest defense in years, but it was still against a top-10 team in the nation.

Jimbo still has some work to do with his defense.

However, holding Florida’s high-powered offense to 38 points is not an easily achieved feat.

Things are starting to look bright in College Station.

6. Tennessee Volunteers

The Vols had the lead at halftime of this game.

That’s the best I can say about their performance.

However, their current is justifiable by the fact it was against the best team in the SEC at this point.

The defense was fantastic until the were just completely gassed due to the offense’s inability to move the ball.

The Vols have some work to do this while preparing for Kentucky.

7. Missouri Tigers

I still stand by my petition that went public last week.

Connor Bazelak is one hell of a Quarterback, though.

He is definitely the life-blood of this program as of now.

Congrats on a big win, but you still can’t sit with us.

8. LSU

The Tigers are but a shell of the team that scorched through the SEC last year.

This is definitely a rebuilding year in baton Rouge.

Miles Brennan looked decent and the offense wasn’t terrible.

The defense, however, is not what we expect of the Bayou Bengals.

Hopefully there will be some patience for Coach O has he works to rebuild this team.

9. Arkansas Razorbacks

Arkansas got royally screwed, plain and simple.

The Razorbacks should have claimed their second victory of the year.

Once again we instead were treated to a sorry and pathetic showing by SEC officials.

Auburn is by no means what we are used to seeing out of the War Tiger Eagles or whatever the hell they are going by this week, but they are still Auburn.

This game did show us things aren’t as dim in Fayetteville as we originally thought.

10. Auburn Tigers

I just hope they slip a little something extra in the Christmas card they send to SEC Officiating office this year.

11. Kentucky Wildcats

They only managed to score 24 points against the Mike Leach and the Bulldogs.

According to Wildcat fans and KY Sports media before the season, Terry Wilson was a Heisman darkhorse and they were going to win the SEC East.

Only thing they are winning this year is “Let Down of the Year.”

Keep trying little brother.

12. South Carolina Gamecocks

I still have South Carolina ranked at number 12 this week.

The offense looked infinitely more efficient, but it was against Vanderbilt.

This Vanderbilt team is arguably the worst team the SEC has seen in years.

To me, we didn’t really learn anything new to justify a bump in the rankings.

13. Mississippi State Bulldogs


2 points is all this team could muster against the Wildcats on Saturday.

Mike Leach might want to revisit the playbook and figure out more effective ways to scheme.

Otherwise, they will be out of business soon.

14. Vanderbilt Commodores


Just when you think they can’t be anymore embarrassing, they prove you wrong.

Maybe the next petition should be to send Vandy to the Ivy League.

0-10 is still very much alive.

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