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SEC Football Power Rankings: Vols Making Noise Early


SEC football rolled through week 2 of its COVID condensed schedule this weekend.

Mike Leach is still, well, Mike Leach.

Jimbo Fisher is incredibly overrated and still cannot coach when he doesn’t have an elite quarterback.

Tennessee took care of business, and the fans didn’t need a defibrillator for the first time in a while.

Let’s dive into the week two power rankings.

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SEC football

1. Alabama Crimson Tide


Saban and the boys made easy work of the Aggies on Saturday.

The Tide cruised to a 52-24 victory in T-Town.

Mac Jones is proving to be the type of QB Saban is most successful with, a game-manager who doesn’t make mistakes and gets the ball to his playmakers.

Oh, and their defense is good.

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2. Florida Gators


Really no surprise here.

They weren’t as flashy as their week one drubbing of Ole Miss, but this game was never in doubt.

Kyle Trask, once again, impressed through the air leading the way as the offense put up 38 points against the Will Muschamp-led defense.

Florida is the clear front runner for the SEC East to this point.

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3. Georgia Bulldogs


The Bulldog defense made Bo Nix and the rest of the Auburn offense look absolutely silly.

Of course, the Georgia D has to be stellar as the offense continued to be lack-luster and subpar against a weaker-than-normal Auburn defense.

Kirby better get things figured out on offense as they prepare for the Vols.

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SEC football

4. Tennessee Volunteers


The Vols defense brought the fight for 4 quarters against Mizzou on Saturday, allowing only 12 points.

The Tennessee offense was extremely impressive in their ability to move the ball behind the Tennessee Valley Authority (the offensive line).

JG did exactly what he needed to do and eliminated a lot of the silly misses that plagued him in week 1.

The Vols will carry an 8 game into Athens for a pivotal early season SEC East match-up.

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5. LSU Tigers


Coach O and the boys seemed to be heading in the right direction as they easily handled Vandy this weekend.

The LSU defense was stout, allowing only 7 points as the offense put up 41.

Yes, it was just Vandy, but they went on the road, took care of business, and got out of Dodge.

That’s what you expect from a team with LSU’s pedigree and talent.


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6. Ole Miss Rebels


The Rebels were able to outlast the Wildcats in Lexington on Saturday.

The high-powered offense led the way with 42 points, which proved to be enough as Kentucky missed the extra point in OT.

Kiffin is going to need to get that Defense whipped into shape before Saban’s Bunch gets to town on Saturday, or it could be a massacre.

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7. Mississippi State Bulldogs


Oh boy.

Mike Leach is still the same old Mike Leach.

Able to pull off the massive upset one week, then get curb stomped by a half-ass team the next.

The Arkansas defense stymied K.J. Costello and the Bulldogs’ high flying passing game.

The Bulldogs are still an exciting team, but definitely not the contender some were ready to dub them.

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8. Auburn Tigers


The Gus bus will not make it to its designated stop for the end of the year.

Following another abysmal showing from the Tiger offense and his defense showing no motivation at all, I don’t expect the Tigers to finish the year with Malzahn at the helm.

You hate to see it.

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9. Texas A&M Aggies

I will start off with the positive: the Aggies managed to score more than 17 points.

However, they gave up 52 on the way to an absolute ass-kicking.

Jimbo is overrated as a coach when he actually has to coach up his quarterback, and IT IS SHOWING.

I wonder how those boosters in College Station are feeling about that contract right about now?

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10. Arkansas Razorbacks


Sam Pittman has done it.

He has led the Razorbacks to their first SEC victory in 20 such contests.

The Razorbacks did it against a Mississippi State team that just last week boat-raced the defending national champs.

Congrats, Arkansas, enjoy this one before the next streak starts.

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SEC football

11. Kentucky Wildcats


The Wildcat offense finally woke up and managed to score 41 points against a weak Ole Miss defense.

The Wildcat defense, on the other hand, gave up 42 points to Kiffin’s Rebel offense.

Kentucky’s kicking game absolutely sank them this week, causing them to lose as they missed the extra point in overtime to seal the victory for Ole Miss.

Back to the coal mines with their heads held low for Wildcat fans.

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SEC football

12. South Carolina Gamecocks


The Gamecocks defense managed to hold Florida’s high-powered offense to only 38 points (lol) following a week that the Gators put up 51 against Ole Miss.

That’s still terrible for a Coach whose calling card is Defense.

Mike Bobo and the Collin Hill led offense was once again lack-luster and provided no excitement.

The countdown begins for the sacking of Will Muschamp.

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SEC football

13. Missouri Tigers


(Cue “In the Arms of an Angel”)

I need to share something with everyone.

I believe we need change.

This has gone on long enough, and I can’t sit by any longer.

Please sign my petition to Kick Mizzou out of the SEC.

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SEC football

14. Vanderbilt Commodores


Not much to say here really except, lol.

This team is a nightmare.

Derek Mason is a joke.

They seriously might go 0-10.

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