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Sea Lion Snatches Girl From Dock In Harambe-Like Incident

Oh look, at nice little sea lion is coming near us people! It looks friendly, we should sit here and take a picture with i—


As KFCBarstool was quick to point out, this is a total Harambe 2.0. Let’s look at the play-by-play here in relation to the Harambe incident:

  • A crowd of people gathered around to watch this sea lion, just like people were gathered around the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati zoo.
  • A kid gets too close to the action. In Harambe’s case, this kid climbed through the rails and into the enclosure, which is both harder and more against-the-rules to do than what’s going on here. However, sea lions are pretty predatory creatures, eating sea creatures as big as squid or octopuses. It’s not exactly a safe move to sit down on a low railing near the water.
  • The kid is grabbed by the sea lion and pulled into the water, pretty similar to how the Cincinnati zoo kid fell in and was dragged around by Harambe.

As we’re all aware, Harambe didn’t live to see that kid make it out okay. RIP Harambe.

However, this sea lion doesn’t get shot. According to eyewitnesses, people were feeding the sea lion bread crumbs, but it doesn’t seem like it was too keen on harming (or eating) this young girl. It disappears after she falls into the water.

Shout out to hero guy for jumping in after this girl and possibly losing his sunglasses.

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