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Saturday 10/20 Drinking Game

All signs are pointing it to it being another beautiful fall weekend here in Knoxville, Tenn. and, frankly, I can’t wait! Although it’s supposed to rain on Saturday morning, it is still supposed to clear up early afternoon. So sleep in, hang out with some friends, and do whatever it is you do for fun in your free time! And if you happened to need some help making Saturday interesting, we have assembled a drinking game to assist!

Rule 1: If the sun is out and the clouds are white, take a drink.

This doesn’t even have to be happening all day. As long as you can look up in the sky at some point on Saturday and admire the sky in all of its beauty, take a drink of your beverage of choice.

Rule 2: If you hear a song you like, take a drink.

Maybe it’s a song you’ve loved for as long as you can remember. Maybe it’s a song you have never heard before. Either way, you know you’ll be listening to it again. There are few things better than hearing a song you enjoy. If this happens to you, take a drink.

Rule 3: If you see an animal you like, take a drink.

Maybe it’s a good dog coming to give you licks. Into cats? Hopefully, you’ll see a cat that you think is cute and give it the pets it deserves. Birds? Sure, there’s bird people out there, right? Basically, if you see something non-human that you want to pet, hold, snuggle, etc., take a drink.

Rule 4: If a friend or family member makes you laugh, take a drink.

Nothing better than having a good time with friends and family. Take two drinks if it’s a joke you’ve heard before or a terrible joke and you laugh anyway. Hopefully for obvious reasons.

Rule 5: If you find a new drink that you like, take a drink.

Ideally, take a drink of the new drink that you like. If you’re into liquor, try a new cocktail with your favorite kind. If you’re into beer, try a different brand of beer or something, I don’t know. If you try a new drink and you don’t like it, take a drink of your favorite drink, and blame me for the failed attempt at trying something new. Sorry for trying to get you to try new things. And for writing “drink” so many times.

Rule 6: If you’re glad you’re not at work, take a drink.

Here’s to the weekend! If you’re at work and you’re reading this, I’m sorry. Don’t drink at work. Please.

Rule 7: If you’re not stressed about anything, take a drink.

Yay, weekend! Even if you’re not doing anything exciting or you’re bored, it’s still better than being stressed out at work or about your favorite sports team or something.

Rule 8: If you’re wearing a hat, take a drink.

Drink twice if there’s orange in your hat, for some odd reason.

Rule 9: If you’re outside enjoying your Saturday instead of staring at a TV inside, take a drink.

Remember when your parents used to tell you to go outside instead of staring at the TV all day? Everyone’s parents had to say it at least once. Yes, even to you, my-parents-never-had-to-ask-me-to-go-outside-guy. Basically, if you’re making your parents proud and spending time outside instead of watching TV, take a drink. If you’re outside drinking, take another drink, because you get what we’re going for here.

Rule 10: If you’ve figured out what I’m doing, take a drink.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I can’t help you, and drinking more might help, so take two drinks.

As always, don’t drink and drive.

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