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What They Said vs What They Meant: Jeremy Pruitt’s Press Conference

Most coaches these days win the press conference. I mean let’s be honest. Every fanbase in America wants their new coach to win and do it quickly. During the honeymoon phase everyone says the right things. But let’s break down what they really meant during yesterday’s event at the University of Tennessee.

Davenport On Winning Championships

“[Pruitt] told me he wanted to win championships, and I told him, make no bones about it, Tennessee expects you to.”

What she meant:  “You better not say ‘Champions of Life’ or talk about ‘Playoffs’ when you’re not in them. Also, don’t make bullshit excuses about injuries, class schedules or how young the team is. Just win the east or keep your mouth shut.”

Fulmer On Pruitt Getting Started

“I know Coach Pruitt will hit the ground running and go to work restoring our program to a championship level.”

What he meant:  “This guy is about to offer every four and five star recruit in the country. And it weakens Alabama, who I still hate.”

On Not Looking Back

“I don’t look in the rear view mirror. I’m looking [forward] with our student-athletes and our guys are going to understand that.”

What he meant:  “This program and coaching search was a dumpster fire and we have to forget the whole thing ever happened. Thank God for this fan base and thank God for Phillip Fulmer.”

Pruitt On Winning

“We expect to win every game we play.”

What he meant:  “I will not celebrate Taxslayer Bowl appearances.”

Pruitt On Everyone And Positivity

“What’s the role of everyone else? Positivity. From those who work here to the fans, boosters, former players. We all have to be positive, we all have to pull in the same direction.”

What he meant:  “I know this fan base is the best on Twitter. Just be positive for a minute so I can show you that I’m the real deal.”

Pruitt On Working Hard For Real

“To get what we want, we have to outwork everyone. Let’s not talk about it. Let’s go do it.”

What he meant:  “Butch Jones was full of talk, talk, talk talk talk. I’m actually going to be trying to do things that will help us win. And you should probably go buy this shirt.”

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