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Russian Wears Anti-Doping Shirt, Busted for Doping

A tradition unlike any other: Russian Olympic doping scandal

Nadezhda Sergeeva has brought shame to the Russian Olympic team by becoming the second athlete to be busted for doping. It’s the second loss for the OAR team,who has to compete under the acronym of that band who had that Shattered song that you may not recognize by name but have definitely heard (it’s the one about turning the car around), who also had to forfeit a bronze medal in curling due to a failed drug test.

However, irony gets a big win.

Sergeeva boastfully wore a shirt while training that read “I don’t do doping.” Unfortunately for her, whoever is in charge of the Olympic drug testing did not take the t-shirt as a valid test.

She worked her whole life to become an Olympian. When it didn’t work out for her in the summertime, she became the Russian Lolo Jones by shifting from her career in track and field to become an Olympic bobsledder. Now, her lasting legacy will be Sergeeva the Cheata: the Russian who had that unfortunate ironic t-shirt thing.

The positive test revealed traces of trimetazidine, a substance that affects metabolism.

“She confirms she took no such medication and the team confirms she was not issued any medication,” said Zubkov, a former bobsledder who was stripped of two Olympic gold medals for the Russian doping scheme at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, Russsia.

So, to bring you up to speed, we have a former Russian who was disgraced for being a big cheater is talking about another Russian athlete being innocent of cheating.

Checks out.

Sergeeva the Cheater and her crew finished 12th in their bobsled competition after she had given the sample that came back positive. So, it didn’t help. I’m not sure what she was worse at: t-shirt selection, bobsledding, or picking the right banned substance that could help the team get a medal.

The Russian team was barred from the Olympics in December because of how prevalent their cheating was at the last Olympics.

“This won’t win us any extra credit. Unfortunately, this case speaks to negligence by the athlete. She has let us down,” the Russian delegation leader, Stanislav Pozdnyakov, said in comments reported by the Russian media.

I am terrified of what is going to happen to Sergeeva the Cheater. But I’m still happy that she chose to wear that shirt.

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