Russell’s Random Ruminations

A couple of thoughts coming out of Tennessee’s 45-24 victoy over Virginia Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway Saturday night.


-Let Dobbs be Dobbs… Tennessee’s senior quarterback is clearly at his best when he’s getting 10-15 carries a game. Dobbs running ability makes this offense tick. Without it, the Vols are dead in the water. UT’s coaches can’t be worried about getting him hurt. Just unleash him and hope for the best. Dobbs will never be a prolific passer. But he needs to become more of a game manager when it comes to the passing game. He had an ugly interception against against Appy State and almost had another in the 2nd quarter against the Hokies.

-Keep up with the Joneses…Time to insert Jack Jones into the starting lineup. This probably isn’t fair to Coleman Thomas who would be the odd man out, but the Vols O Line simply gets nastier with Jones in the lineup at right guard. And Sheriron Jones needs a new title. Fourth string quarterback just doesn’t have a good ring to it. Might I suggest “Director of Swag” or “Ass Kicking Specialist.”

-Answer the bell…Speaking of swag…why does it take the Vols so long to find theirs? In both games this season, UT has come out flat. How is this possible? With all they hype surrounding the Vols this preseason, you’d think they’d be chomping at the bit to get out there. Makes no sense…

-What is with this year’s fashion trend of players wearing an untucked t-shirt underneath their jersey? It looks like they’re wearing skirts. Call me old school, but I say tuck it in guys. You look ridiculous.

-And finally…Michael Vick was on the Va. Tech sideline during the game. As one of my Twitter followers pointed out…hopefully UT kept him away from Smokey.