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Right Answers Only: Who Will Score the First Touchdown For The Vols

Right Answers Only

Right Answers Only

The Right Answers Only question of the day was: Who will score the first touchdown of the season for the Vols?

Before we get to the endzone, if Jim Chaney doesn’t call a run play right behind Trey Smith, I will loose* my mind.

Two years ago, against West Virginia, Jarrett Guarantano was crushed by what looked like Ray Lewis, and fumbled the football. Last season, the game’s second play was a swing pass to Ty Chandler which ended in a fumble.

I want three runs right behind Trey Smith. The opening drive can’t end in a turnover this season or #firePruitt #firePruitt #firePruitt.


2020 is going to be a crazy year in college football.

South Carolina is starting Collin Hill, a graduate transfer from Colorado State.

As a junior with the Rams, Hill played in three games throwing for 840 yards with eight touchdowns and two interceptions.

In ten games in 2018, Hill appeared in ten games. He threw seven interceptions to just seven touchdowns.

I’m predicting Hill throws an early pick-six to Alontae Taylor.

Here are some other answers.

Chris thinks…

Eric Gray will score on the first drive of the game on a 45-yard run. Chris even mentions Trey Smith will be the first player in the checkerboards.

Steven thinks…

My guy, JG. Steven once again proves he is a very smart dude.

3-follower Tim thinks…

Velus Jones on the opening kickoff. WOAH.

Jordan thinks…

JG will score on a sneak. This is a brilliant way to throw the demons on the ground, open their mouths, and pour holy water right down their throats.

Finally, David thinks…

@Davey_Hudson will score the first touchdown. David, I will take that bet right now.

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